Dual wield Cadence Death Knight

Hey I’m still a bit of a noob to the game, got an 84 druid a few other characters I’d leveled in the past but still a whole lot to learn, and like a lot of other people wanted to make a Soldier/Necromancer with the expansion. Thought I’d try to post this here for some advice.

Went through a few ideas before I settled on dual wielding, my idea is to make use of WPS Reaping Strike, Necrotic Edge, and either Markovian’s or Zolhan’s for an additional AoE strike or maybe both? I tried to build the mastery and devo trees for Vitality primarily with some Aether + physical (from the remaining 35% unconverted phys dmg).

Uses Ravenous Earth w/ Decay and Foul Eruption upgrades for %reduced dmg taken and additional resistance reduction. Spectral Binding + Spectral Wrath for obvious reasons. And then Harbinger of Souls/Mark of Torment.

Devo tree I wanted to pick up Lion, Ghoul, Bat, Toad, Eel, Typhos, Affliction, Rattosh, Giant’s Blood, Chariot of the Dead. I spent a LOT of time playing with the devo tree lol, fun stuff. Hefty Vitality/Aether scaling, additional attack damage % gained as life, some additional tankiness - Rattosh I feel is particularly sweet with the build giving it an additional -20% vitality resistance (which I tried to do my homework on last night and believe that Rattosh, Spectral Wrath, and Foul Eruption do all effectively work together for some juicy vitality penetration)

Oops, here’s the tree grimtools page, I only equipped the two swords I ideally had in mind and the relic.

Anyways, haven’t heard too many optimistic things about Death Knight but I do find the synergies I was aiming for here at least interesting in concept and have already started leveling the character, but would definitely appreciate some criticism.

Those classes typically end up with somebody doing something surprising with them.