Dual Wield Primal Strike

tbh after 1.6 that build suffered, before it was consistent clears… now not so much

I don’t know why so many people hate charging savagery on PS spam. It’s literally the same as charging LA on nightblades and nobody seems to have a problem with that.

Sad to hear that. I liked that build

This is seen on most non AAR aether builds unfortunately

  • 5 rr loss that bad ?

It’s not just 5 rr. Most builds lost 8-20% undead racial along depending on devotion path and gearing. The nodes along the aether/lightning path/northwest sections of the map have been continuously toned down to curtail lightning builds, which by collateral damage also hit aether builds.

I was able to do SR51 on my dual wield primal strike warder. I know! It is amazing. Warder is not the best class for this but I had a Warder on hand and wanted to mess with it. The phys res is apparently really bad on my setup. Just kind of did it for the memes.


@arcane_undo I love you.


Yeah and in a lot builds this means your dps drops off a cliff. While we are looking at QoL fixes making aa replacer stacks last another .5 to 1.5 seconds each would go a long way


Yeah I only find it a problem on casters/kiters with melee weapons. But I dread playing an EoR Archon that wants to keep both Savagery and Righteous Fervor up.

This would be a nice compromise.

Having tried Savagery just for its buffs, it’s pure, unadultered cancer to have to keep it up just for those buffs. While i’m not completely a fan of ABB just for LA, it’s one button press every four seconds, huge difference. Plus Savagery requires more points for its buffs.

Honestly, unless you make each stack only drop after four seconds at minimum, i ain’t using Savagery for its buffs.

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Increasing the duration of the temp buffs may be good for QoL, doesn’t it just encourage the use of AA replacers merely for the buffs even more?

Does it make sense that a pure caster have to charge savagery every few seconds? Does it make sense that you have to interrupt EoR channeling to melee Attack a mob to keep savagery buffs?

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Another thing, pure casters do not have to use LA because spells usually do not have WD. But tenacity of the boar buffs are universally good for any archetype so people are compelled to use it, whether or not it is awkward to do so.

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Shaman is the only mastery that lacks a constant OA or DA increase, discounting Emboldening Presence. If Tenacity of the Boar is too bothersome to use, like it is for many, I can see that being a problem.

I remember some players refusing to use Thermite Mines before their casting mechanics got reworked.

If someone would like not to have a separate button for Savagery,
GDAutocaster now enables you to attach a skill to a double left click + hold.

For example

  • you have Primal Strike on Left Click in-game, you move and attack with it
  • then you decide you’d like to stack up Savagery so you double left click and hold
  • when you want to go back to Primal Strike, you just do a single left click and hold it

Basically Primal Strirke + Savagery + movement all on left click
Also you can attach a channeling skill like FoI or Aether Ray to single or double left click hold
(moving with left click still possible with either of the methods).

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I haven’t made a dw build with it, but I did restart the game a couple days and went with a (hardcore) warder. I leveled as 2h ranged PS, but one of my first totem drops was a stormrend so I switched it to stormrend/shield PS. Nemesis and totems are enormously smoother now, as long as I watch out for arcane enemies things are great.

with shield. nice. Hows damage compared to ultos?

Did you guys see this? [] Savage Stormrender, DW melee Trickster using Stormrend with Primal Strike on cooldown and spamming Savagery, SR 65+

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I have a build prepared - Archon spamming PS with throwing shield and no savagery :slight_smile: It is fun :slight_smile: But I will have to finish it before posting it. In a couple of days I will post it.

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I didn’t have ultos when I posted that, was running about 75k sheet dps. Took a while to kill stuff but was super safe ofc. Then I found an ultos piece, then ultos helm plan and…now I have 148k sheet with full ultos and dropped stormrend. Feels squishy for hardcore but I can handle nems and totems mostly ok still (and much faster ofc) … I’ve farmed up enough gear that I don’t care if I die at this point. Will get as much stuff as I can until I die, or I get a more hardcore-friendly set built.

edit: I was using menhir’s bulwark with stormrend though so not at all an apples to apples comparison. Went from 18% crit dmg to 95% now too, plus the aoe set proc, so dmg is quite a bit more than doubled now.

Also, the 5th piece set gives 2 specific PS buffs plus big flat lightning dmg, and the weapon gives +4 stormcallers pact plus a couple more really good PS buffs…I’d say that dps is more like about 3x what it was when I was using stormrend. If I had gone all out on dps with stormrend instead of putting skill points and buffs into the shield, it would probably be more like about half the effective dps. There are just too many huge buffs on that weapon and 5th piece ultos set for stormrend to be competitive even in hardcore imo.

So after testing a bit I felt pretty squishy, apparently 2530 da isn’t tnough. After crafting with all my ugdenbloom and buying a couple coven storm seals I’m at 2829 oa and 2769 da, now things are super smooth on the defensive front plus screen just melts. Sorry stormrend, your reign was short!

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