Dual Wield Question

I am playing a blood trickster. I have Bloodsong and Butcher of Burrwitch.

My question relates to the Butcher proc and dual wielding. If I want max heals, should I be main handing my Butcher even though it is less dps than Bloodsong?

I have been assuming that the crit needed to proc Butcher must come from a hit with Butcher, but wanted to make sure this was correct. I have also been assuming that when you swing, you first swing with your main hand and so you net out more swings with your main than your off.

Dont go for lifesteal, especially on DOT builds

Does the Butcher proc reads “%main hand damage”? If so, you should main hand the weapon that deals the most damage on hit.

The crit can come from any source of damage, it doesn’t matter.

I think hits go 1/3 main 1/3 off-hand 1/3 both, I don’t know if there is an order.

Dek- can you explain why you say that? Pretty sure Butcher heal proc is huge in this build when it comes to tanking.

Here are the words on the weapon:

Grants Skill: Devour (Level 1)- In game it says 100% chance on critical hit

Upon landing a vicious blow, devour some of your foe’s exposed life essence.

+40% Weapon Damage

160 Life Leech Over 2 Seconds (80 Per Second)

300% of Attack Damage converted to Health

I believe the reason why you shouldn’t really rely on Lifesteal is that most bosses and tough enemies are resistant if not immune, and so relying upon it to keep you alive will only really let you live when killing trash, and then when you most need the survivability, your lifesteal will fail you (this mostly applies in ultimate, by the way).

At least, that’s how I interpret that comment.

I have just entered Ultimate with this character, so I can’t comment yet on how resisty the bosses are to it yet. Keep in mind, the blood trickster build runs major debuffs. In Elite, the heal landed on everything I fought, including Log. BTW- I wonder if this is really considered a life steal? Notice that the effect is a multiplier on damage done. The damage happens, so perhaps this effect happens. That may ultimately be the definition of a life steal, but the effect does not read the same as a traditional life steal. You can read on any standard 2-1h bloody trickster builds and this is generally one of the 2 end game weapons every time.

All of that being said, my question still remains.

It’s actually called “attack damage converted to heath” (or ADCTH). It is a weapon effect, and in GD, all weapon effects are scaled by %weapon damage modifier on skill. So, ADCTH effectiveness is directly dependant upon %weapon damage your skill does. Not sure if it goes above 100% of original value (most weapon effects are capped at 100%, no matter how high %weapon damage is).
An example.
Let’s say we have Arcanist with maxed Calidor’s Tempest, 1000 average weapon damage and 2 rings with 5% ADCTH each. Since CT has 50% weapon damage modifier at max level, Arcanist will be healed for 25HP each time his CT hits an enemy (not counting resistances, of course). Do note - damage added by skill (in this case - fire&arcane damage) is NOT a weapon damage, thus, weapon-based ADCTH wont work for this part of damage.
Some skills have ADCTH on them (like Devouring Swarm). This ADCTH just applies to all damage the skill does (including weapon damage, if any), cause it is a “skill effect” too.
Also, ADCTH doesnt work for DoT damage (bleed, trauma, etc)

So I think I kind of understand that. I am not sure that answers my question though on does it matter which one is in my main hand in order to get the Butcher to proc its ADCTH.

My current WD is 2722. The ADCTH on the weapon is 300%. My main attack is Savagery which I am not sure how to determine the modifier. It currently reads 156% on both main and offhand, but I do not know how to factor in the 8 different charge levels. Main hand (Butcher) damage reads as 3470-d4340. Offhand damages reads 3790-4421.

Savagery tooltip shows “multiplier” to skill’s effect depending upon number of charges.
Example. Level 16 Savagery has nominal 150% weapon damage. Multiplier for 0 charge is 30%, for 1-st charge is 50%, … for 8-th charge is 115%. So, your 1-st hit (0 charges) will deal 150%*30%=45% weapon damage, 2-nd hit (with 1 charge) will deal150%*50%=75%, and 9-th+ hit (with 8 charges up will deal 150%*115%=172.5% weapon damage.
Also, Savagery is one of very few skills, that adds its flat damage as WEAPON damage. It is because Savagery places a buff on you, and all its effects except %weapon damage are actually effects of Savagery buff.
Do note, that for few first hits, ADCTH will be heavily penaltized (not to mention your damage will suck too). But after that, your damage gets far beyond your normal attack.
DPS tooltip for Savagery isnt correct, it doesnt take charge levels into account.

As far as i know, even if proc is on weapon, it doesnt require you to hits with THAT weapon to trigger proc. Furthermore, it doesnt even require a weapon hits - it can proc from any damage (not just spells, but also retaliation and DoTs), and even from non-damage skills like Curse of Frailty. Unlike constellation procs, procs from items trigger from literally ANYTHING.

Wow- thank you. That answers my question and then some. Butcher in off hand it is!

So after testing for over an hour, I do believe that the crit must happen on the weapon used in order to get the proc from that weapon (in this case the heal). I am certain it is not on every crit, but I was hoping that it would be a crit from either weapon.

Please let me know if anyone can confirm.

Not true. It will proc from any damage you do if you are able to land a critical hit.
Proof: Just take a blank char with 1 level of Night Chill and stand still next to the training dummy. You will see the proc from Butcher every single time you crit with the cold damage from NC.