Dual wield transmuter for Blade Arc

Stupid idea but how about making a transmuter/item that would allow blade arc to use both hands for two weapon build. maybe dropping WD to 70% by each hands and dropping bleed bonus to 90% of default numbers. Would open interesting twf variation of bleed blademaster/warder as far as I feel

I don’t see this happening as Soldier has no native DW support / isn’t thematically supported either.

I’d be a fan but then all classes could benefit from transmuters for many defining skills. Soldier would be even more desirable etc.

Soldier does not support elemental as main type of damage either, but there is elemental cadence. I’m not thinking about it being dual wield enabling transmuter, but rather similar to nightblade WPS - require to get dual wield skill from another source - item or other class

Disagree with a transmuter but wouldn’t mind a skill mod.

Well it just would be better if it wont be item that require 94 level to be used. I am totally ok with adding some MI for this effect or maybe a suffix/prefix