Dual-wielding Cadence Mechanism

This is probably a noobish question and might be answered in the past, but I just want to make sure if it changes in one of the patch.

So I make this -beastly on paper- dual wielding blademaster using beronath converting elemental and chaos to physical. Similar to JoV’s last physical blademaster. Here is the build btw:

45k Weapon damage, hoping the defense is enough for killing before being killed.

In dummy testing and crucible testing, the build fall short and not inflicting that much damage as I hope. The damage feels not even near my belgothian blademaster:
While only having 35% less weapon attack damage from that cadence build.

The question is, Is it true that cadence only inflict one hand weapon damage, whether it is main or off-hand damage?
Also, how does cadence charge when dual-wielding? Does hitting with regular both-hand attack give 2 cadence charges instead of 1?

Yes, cadence never hit with both hands

Pretty sure cadence shows both hands in tooltip when dual wielding. Is it inconsistent with what really happens?

So saddd

I did some search before this. Ppl said that cadence will only did one hand damage. It shows both hands because it has 50-50 chances of hitting with main hand or off-hand weapon.

The value of dual-wielding for cadence is very limited then. Only for DoT build, also maybe for adding more flat damage to the weapon if the weapon has beneficial procs or have separate flat damage in the weapon stats.

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Your basic attacks can hit with both hands when dual wielding and that counts as 2 hits regarding Cadence stacks so those 3rd Cadence hits are more frequent with DW.

As far as Cadence + Melee DW WPS interaction goes, here is some more information:


That is a really interesting news. So there is an update after all. 100% WPS + cadence looks so interesting now.

Thanks diocharcet!! Cadence blademaster will certainly can be better now!

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The description says every third swing, one handed or two. It works every third swing.

From that video which diocharcet linked, cadence will double charge when dual-wielded attack goes, whether it’s from WPS or not. It will even replace one of the hand damage from WPS to cadence’s damage.

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