Dumbass Question, but I just have to know/ask! (Crucible Loot)

Well, I played around with Crucible a lot recently, and to be frank I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

No more ‘lazy playing’ on higher levels, and lots of action.

AND it seems, that you can get lucky and receive loot, which is hard(er) to get in MC.

E.g. I never have made Anasteria my Enemy (Same with Barrowholm. Hey, I am roleplaying…) and never will, making Davastation/Bladearm-Builds impossible. I thought.

Now I faced her several times in Crucible. I got loot from other Nemesisses in Crucible, so is it correct to suppose, that I could find her stuff afterwards?

Oh… I just see, that you still need a caster off-hand… f_ck.

I was hoping to combine Devastation and Air Strike… never mind then.

But the base question stands.

Outcast’s Secret no longer drops in the Crucible.

oook… sad

Is there a list of stuff NOT dropping in Cruc or SR, or can it be determined like e.g. no violet stuff at all… ?

You would have to check back through the patch notes; that’s how I confirmed the Outcast one.

I suspected that much… so thanx for checking for me, I suppose…

Kaisan amulet doesn’t drop in SR I think

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any “Unique”(purple) boss/dungeon loot doesn’t drop in SR/Crucible
ie no alkamos rings, magi rings, anasteria helm etc
MIs drop tho, (boss greens), so you can get anasteria legs, tho kaisan amulet doesn’t drop
and ofc you wont get SR set in cruci, so that’s sorta an exclusive SR drop


How? Why? Since when!?

I DEMAND this to be changed in the next patch!


No, just kidding.

But indeed, that IS a bit disappointing… But as Devastation just doesn’t get tohether with Air strike, it doesn’t matter much anyway…