Dumbest build idea with usage of Winter king items

Returned to grim dawn after hearing about new dlc arrival, started playing with friends and casually going through story, decided to flesh out my Lightning warden so i have something to farm with even if im unable to tackle some endgame stuff for now, but that its kinda not the point. The point is that while farming totems for my Ultos pieces i found Winter king hood BP and sword and despite being utterly dissapointed its not a full set ( im coping they might make it set with new dlc, come one, ice themed and they have some basis with those) and i started theory crafting after pulling all nighter on grim tools. Its my first actual attempt to make something by myself but im scared it will turn out to be dissapointment and waste of time after lots of struggle to get it going. Decided to first time turn here in order to seek help from players who are MUCH more experienced with the game and are willing to break down a bit if it even have slightest chance of being actual thing. Here is grim tools to show what i thought about for now Trickster, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator Every comment appreceated