Duncan or Algrim


Im playing a conjurer pet build and I would like to know if I should align with Angrim or Duncan.

@maya please tell me and explain to me :slightly_smiling_face:


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duncan’s added bonuses to crafted weapon/armor/accessories:
Increases Energy Regeneration by 5-11%
3-5% Elemental Resistance
+2-4% Physique

angrim’s added bonuses to crafted weapon/armor/accessories:
3-7% Pierce Resistance
Increases Armor by 3-7%
+2-4% Physique


You have still the option to pick both (kinda) by choosing differently on elite/ultimate or other characters.
You just have to switch to craft them and trade the item via shared stash (if crafted with another character)
So ultimately the choice doesn’t really matter.

it’s no longer like this, it’s 2%-4%.

And yes, you can technically pick both by picking one in a difficulty and the other in another difficulty.

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Ok so better choose Angrim in elite and Duncan in ultimate for example?

The fandom wiki was left behind years ago and the main one was switched over to gamepedia.

It seems there have been some rogue editors attempting to sporadically update the fandom site but I would say gamepedia is going to overall remain much more relevant.

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Well, not only gamepedia in fact: Сraftsmen of Cairn


Indeed. This from the Fandom site:

Admins of Grim Dawn Wiki have officially moved to Gamepedia

Realmain | August 22, 2016 | User blog:Realmain

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I would like to announce that the Admins of Grim Dawn Wiki, Heteroclitus (now under the name of Oudeis) and I (Realmain), have officially moved the Grim Dawn Wiki to Gamepedia.

All new edits by us will only be on the Grim Dawn Wiki on Gamepedia. We will no longer be maintaining the Wikia page.

Editors are still free to continue editing on this Wikia and maintain it.

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Honestly, doesn’t matter. Most of the time on pets you want +4% physique, and both Angrim and Duncan have it. But in case you don’t roll it, Angrim’s other bonus (armor) is still somewhat useful.

I don’t bother with crafting bonuses at all, so entirely your choice :stuck_out_tongue:

Pets don’t care for such silly things :sunglasses:

Pets don’t care, but their master should. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Zantai, give Crafting Bonuses which automatically spawn new Pets every time you attack or get hit pl0x :zantai:

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