Dungeon Crawler since Diablo 2, Casual but looking to learn! Hello!

Hey all. Glad to be here! Grim Dawn caught my eye a while back, a few months before Ashes of Malmouth, when I was burning out on the far too static Diablo 3 and the far too complex Path of Exile.

I play very casually, in general, and just like seeing how things work, so the dual-class system and other aspects of the gear and class trees, and the divination, all boiled down into a really easy way to just dabble and learn on the fly. If you’re ever interested in trying to play with me, know that I like to start new characters a LOT, and that I don’t have any characters beyond a few steps into Act 2.

I hope to have a lot of fun and maybe make some friends if there’s fellow altoholics out there who like to just have fun playing around! See you in Devil’s Crossing!

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Welcome to the forum! Grim Dawn is indeed intriguing game and dual class system gives you endless possibilities.

Welcome to the game and to the forum. :grinning:

I know exactly what you mean, I do the same. Most of my characters are still running around in Normal and I’ve been playing the game since early access back in 2013. Solo player only though.

welcome to the game and forum! I try to level my characters to 100, but lately I have been starting more and more new ones…

Hello! Welcome :smile:

Im also new here, or to some extent… I am playing it for fun, … I started a month ago. I also came here because of D II nostalgy. BUT I do not like to have many chars like you do. I want to hit level 9, then go alt…