Dungeon Update : Sekletion key

Hi, Z , ask …
Can raise up to 3-4 pieces for one activation from Door in the Dungeon ?

Example Change Dungeon sekletion key from good structure : Normal, Elite , Absolute:

Because it is balancing and craft to be nice .

Normal :

  1. Steps of Torment - > 1 sekletion key.
  2. Port Valbury - > 2 sekletion key .
  3. Bastion of Chaos - > 2 sekletion key .
  4. Ancient Grove -> 3 sekletion key.
  5. Tomb of the Heretic -> 3 sekletion key.

Elite :

  1. Steps of Torment - > 2 sekletion key.
  2. Port Valbury - > 3 sekletion key .
  3. Bastion of Chaos - > 4 sekletion key .
  4. Ancient Grove -> 4 sekletion key.
  5. Tomb of the Heretic -> 5 sekletion key.


  1. Steps of Torment - > 3 sekletion key.
  2. Port Valbury - > 4 sekletion key .
  3. Bastion of Chaos - > 5 sekletion key .
  4. Ancient Grove -> 5 sekletion key.
  5. Tomb of the Heretic -> 6 sekletion key.

Please consider
Because a very old version has not been updated yet. in old version … 4 year ago, maybe can to update next?

The question is very relevant, I think that the right decision.

Thank you.

For casual players even 1 key may be a high price after 10 failed attempts. Elite players on the other hand will GDStash 900 keys anyway.

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Why gdstash keys when you can just gdstash items though D :

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how about having options to use more than 1 key in one dungeon at the same time, and then the game will enhance the challenges in the dungeon based on how many key spent at one time.



This would be really good, specially if it comes with decent drop rate increases for legendary MIs.

I really don’t see any point why they should increase how many Skeletion Keys you need for specific Roguelike Dungeons. Anyone care to explain?

Well that’s a idea which i could get behind it, though there should be some sorts of limits so they won’t overdo it.

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The one problem : balancing with crafting to up level in the hard . Can you play to minimum and craft again and to increase and after you go next elite and to craft and weapon and more to increase person and after dungeon , and after you go next ultimate (that’s is right from your balancing ) - example from shatters realms from your upgrading level and armor and be good .

Because dungeon is hard , you cannot good person , you just need more think to be good construct build and after test him .

I don’t see the need for increasing the skeleton key cost, unless as others suggested, you could elect to spend more keys to modify the dungeon somehow. Aside from a source of some specific MIs, the dungeons serve as a way for weaker, less developed characters to farm for lengendaries, and gear up for harder content. It is important that dungeons remain an accessible entry to end-game content for new players, for whom the proposed increased skeleton key cost will be prohibitive.

I have been playing for a while and have tons of mats stashed, and even I think the proposed costs are prohibitive. At this point, I mainly run dungeons for the MIs. Considering how low some of the drop rates are, having to craft up to 6 times as many keys would be a huge burden.

I mean well, yes. I see the “point” of making them more challenging for Veterans and strong Endgame Builds. RL Dungeon is IMHO one of the most unique Features of the whole Game, and i remember the first Times when i did them with friends, what insane experience it was, that one wrong step you could do and f*** up, you have to re-do the Dungeon (and Worst Case Scenario lost amazing loot because you died right before you could pick it up). It was really such a different feeling if you have to be cautious (which normally only experience Hardcore Players) when you go through the Dungeon and such. Though once you know the Dungeons well and you’ve set up your builds properly many of them become rather Easy.

That’s why i see the point of the Suggestion in sense of making them more Challenging again and based on that reward with better Loot.

My problem however is initial Idea of rising Key’s in General, because it would mostly punish newcomers and fresh builds and don’t do that much to veterans which spent hundrets of hours with their Character. It will become a pain in the a**. Also i see kinda the problem, if you have different “Key-Requirements” like let’s say SoT 3 Keys and Port Valbury 4 Keys, it might lead to that specific RL Dungeons (like PV) which are hated in general already, are even being played less.

I’ve to say in that Regard i find @kukuhimanpr Suggestion even way better, because it won’t f*** over the RL Dungeon Concept with this problems.

So let’s say Crate would overhaul the RL Dungeons like in having different tiers (which you can freely choose from), each tier requires a amount of keys, which than raise the challenge and the rewards, i’m all up for that. Something like that i would say is a pretty great idea to make RL Dungeons for Endgame great again. But to raise the initial cost of keys for said dungeons is kinda a bit wonky IMHO.