Dust devil and Storm totem procs

What exactly are Dust Devil and Storm Totem possible to proc?
I guess devotion is self-explanatory that if you can assign it, it can also proc it.
But what about item procs like a “% chance on attack” on a weapon for example?

Pretty much.

Well I guess they can’t, my bad sorry (:

Thank you. I must be missing the procs in all the lightning chaos bouncing around.

These cannot be procced by pets of any kind. They have to be procced specifically by skills or attacks made by your player character.

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Yeah, I tried with a poison proc so that I would be able to see the green in all the lightning crazyness and can confirm it doesnt seem to proc at all.

Cheers :+1:

Maybe if some pseudo pets had weapon damage they could proc %chance on attack procs?
Because eyes from Magi Rings that have weapon damage can proc them I think.

These are not pets, not in the same vein as Wind Devil or Storm Totem. Magi ring eyes lack any self-sufficient stats that attribute them to pets like Totems/Devils have:


Similarly, they can’t be commanded via Pet Attack either, they act as any spell your character can cast.


pets+pseudo pets can proc “on enemy death” effects tho

and, for some weird reason, the devotion skill attachment will allow you to attach partial “useless” skills on pseudo pets, like Wendigo, where you wont benefit from the desired effect (heal), because the skill/pet lacks weapon dmg,
(but they can heal you from ex Bat/Twin Fangs because that devo skill includes weapon dmg)