DW / 2H ranged builds - successful examples


I am trying to create 16 builds, and I want to ask for the input of this forum / community.

By the word input, I mean links to successful builds, which can complete the main campaign, and if they can kill some celestials, even better!

I am sharing the link to my version of the builds I am asking input for in this thread, so your builds or creations could be “compared to my take on them”.
The builds must be: DW ranged AND 2H ranged (it means 2 x 8 builds)
Physical Tactician
Cold Trickster
Lightning Druid
Fire Sorceress*
Acid Witch Huntress
Vitality Cabalist
Aether Spellbinder
Chaos Warlock

Fire Sorceress is in both DW ranged and 2H ranged builds more of an elemental sorceress with the inclination to fire damage.

Thanks for the input and commentary for any of the builds I am trying to create!

tactician you have Havoc/Deathdealer/sandspitter tact and for 2h i think there was Wyrm?
trickster i don’t think i’ve ever seen
druid you have primal strike for 2h, unsure if i’ve seen dw, maybe barresmiths?
fire sorc you have (had?) Desolator, darkblaze/exterminus and deviltongue? (don’t remember name of fire pistol)
witch hunter you have ABB with ugdenbog bile launcher or dreeg quillthrower?, unsure about dual wields
vitality cabalist you have mortality/gargabols, and Soullance?
spellbinder has Fleshwarped Carbine and Soulflayers
Chaos Warlock has Darkblaze and Harbinger

unsure if all those builds are present on GT (plop in class and the weapon(s) to look up) Grim Dawn Builds
or if you have to scour the discord for jank contributions :sweat_smile:
*pretty sure some are archived/not available for search anymore since test patch forum section gets cleaned up after release


Here’s what I’ve been able to find using the Grimtools Build features:

2H Tactician using Korvan Wyrm
DW Havoc Tactician

And searching through Banana_peel’s youtube, I found:
Vitality DW Cabalist
Acid ABB Passthrough Witch Hunter
Aether Ranged DW Spellbinder

I swear he’s also done Cold PS trickster with Korvan Wyrm, but I can’t find it on Youtube and it’s not in Grimtools Builds as well.

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Here is a link to Ugdanbog purifier Arcaneweaver builds for Elemental sorc ideas. The sorc concept would be similar. Jaxxon rings are pretty good here if the weapon finds an affix with some more % elemental.

Obviously you have a list of self-imposed requirements. I had a look at some of your builds…so here’s a doodle with mostly elemental focus, but probably strays too far from what I have seen as your fundamentals:
GT: mix & match Arcaneweaver

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I thought I’d try a similar approach to your 2w Sorc, since it seemed 4/5 Iskandra set + 2x jaxxon + dev path change might fit the concept well.

It’s a different take on it and was fun to try to fit the specs - even if it’s not something you are interested in. The aim was more general elemental focus.

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Why do you max “Fabric of reality” instead of Inner Focus? Just honestly asking … :slight_smile:

Well, it’s not that critical, but OA is already pretty high and since there is 100%conversion of both chaos and aether …it adds a small amount of flat and ~10% more racial damage.

For this 2w build. The 2H doesn’t have much aether conversion. It probably would not hurt to put a single point in Inner, now that you mention it - for another easy 100 OA.

Good luck with the build and please, keep me informed how is your playing experience and what are the capabilities / limits of that build of yours!

Just fyi, I think if I were to run this, I’d definitely juggle points into TM for more RR, though. That’s far more profitable for a damage increase, unless one definitely doesn’t want to have to play the extra skill. And that minimalism is what I interpreted from your guidelines and proposed builds.

I may or may not have done an acid witch hunter. I’ve frequently done chaos witch hunters, and I’ve done acid blade burst gunslingers, both with enough frequency that I’m certain an acid blade burst version could be done. You can quite easily farm elemental → acid for this character with Ugdenbog Venom Launchers and a Putrid Necklace, the latter of which you can start wearing by level 8. Mythical Cowl of the Venomblade is probably ideal, but note that its cold → acid only applies to blade burst itself, so you will want full conversion even with that hat on, to take full advantage of Lethal Assault.

Cold Trickster could be done with blade burst. Cold Savagery can be done with Korba’s Hood. A combination of the two might be strong.

Vitality Cabalist is interesting. Flat damage would be quite strong. AOE would be adequate, through Necrotic Edge. AOE could be stronger with 1 or 2 Seals of the Void past level 75. Shard of Beronath would probably replace your default attack, though not if you went with 2 Seals. Deathchill relic would be quite strong. Any necro can get 100% elemental → vitality conversion through a belt, Namadea’s Eye, and shoulders. It might be tight for points, but would probably be quite strong.

Warlock would be abysmal for any ranged build prior to level 75 and Seal of the Void, and you’ll need 2 at that point. It would have no AOE at all until then. Warlock is the worst of all possible worlds for AOE on ranged builds. If you’re just trying to fill a Chaos slot, keep Occultist and pick anything besides Arcanist and Shaman.

Aether Spellbinder is probably suboptimal, but doable. Getting vitality → aether conversion in fairly large quantities is manageable even with green MIs while leveling. If you’re just trying to fill an aether slot, I’d recommend Bonemonger with any combination of Necro, Oathkeeper, or Inquisitor.

Lightning Druid would be good with a 2H weapon, but not as a gunslinger. If this is just to fill a lightning slot, replace Arcanist. Demo would probably be best for Barrelsmith, but anything besides Arcanist or Occultist would get you AOE.