[] Take those frames by the Horns - Elemental Fire Strike Purifier (WIP - SR65 so far)

Lore story excerpt and flashy a bit racy picture coming soon™

An update on previous builds by @Plasmodermic and @AlexGoldFish_322, after we got some nice treats in the recent patch.

Updated build by @tqFan and @Ulvar1 for more sturdiness:

Even moar MI power:

Initial build:

Mayhaps you have to adapt components and Augments based on your weapon roll
Ingame Screenshots- stats:

Lord_mightymeat dam_break



Weapon: build defining pass through and fire strike bonus. Priority here would be Attack Speed (‘of Alacrity’ as yellow Suffix or Scrochwed Runes as a green Suffix)
Rings Double Jaxxon for more AOE and effects. Freshly buffed in 1.1.9
Helmet I really like tis helmet, that is why I wanted to have it in builds. Attack Speed , a nice -rr Proc. Also freshly buffed in 1.1.9
Amulett: All a ranged purifier could wish fore. ADctH, +inq, flat damage
Belt: previously it was Cinderbelt for the AOE proc, but the build is really starved some some +Demo Skills.
Shoulders: Hidden Gem of 2h ranged builds. The MI version would be this one with suitable affixed to your liking: https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8248
Gloves: +Phys res, AS, flat Damage,
Boots:+2 for AoC and mines, stun res, cool proc with damage absorb
Relic All a ranged purifier could wish for as well. ADctH, Proc, AS, +inq
Medal For the proc, therefore the non-myth. version is BIS


Some more procs, attack speed , -rr from Revanant and Ultos and Kraken and Hydra being a 2h build


So far I managed to do a SR65 and clearing the campaign without Problems.
I will update soon with some better metrics or someone can give the build a try in CR or SR?
I strongly believe in its power and it kills your framerate for sure!

Leveling and Beginner Guides

An old build diary but still applicable
DW Firestrike Purifier: A build diary from Normal to 170 Glad
Beginner Ranged Purifier
[] Budget Lightning DW Ranged Purifier

Thanks to @grey-maybe , @Monceaux for helping figuring some stuff out in discord!
Horns of Korvaak ranged build by Alex:

I will upload a char file and some Screenshots as soon as I am on my desktop again to do so.

Feedback and optimizations suggestions are very welcome!

Thanks you all !!

[edit: added some nice pics ™]


Nice but the first link has incorrect resist augments or components
(some are too low some are too high).

Maybe you checked them without Inquisitor Seal temporary buff by accident?

Yeah , i forgot the Affix gave me the elemental res. So I switched to ‘Enchanters ’ and ’ of Alacrity’ for now, but still without buffs the es need a little optimizations once i get home

sooo finally I could update my char ingame and the damage is there, but me beeing tired and old , it dies way to easy especially in in the boss rooms. Once is see fumble poping up … and I am dead. Hmmm and it looks good on paper , for me at least

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you have so low health and CC res.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqEqYvZ some more hp and cc res but still damage

Haunted Shoulderpad can also fit nice

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Try this (modified the gg link, haven’t changed items)

  • 11.3k Health
  • 4 more points into Inquisitor Seal
  • Prismatic Diamond

(ninja’d by @Ulvar1)

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Sweet, ty for optimization. Will report back with results later this week


I looked into the haunted shoulders. Could be worth it, if the WPS skill does not matter much. What affixed would you propose though? Defense ones did not impress me much, since the purple has phys res.

Here would be my choice of affixed. Compontens maybe reshouffeled a bit again:


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“of insight” is pretty good suffix

But prefix, maybe “Consecrated” for slow res which you lack


took 2 nodes in Sailor for more CC res