Need help with Ugdenbog Arcaneweaver Sorcerer


I’m kind of a new player and recently got my first character to level 100. Right now i wanted to start a new one though with some of the level 94 stuff i have found in mind. I especially like this weapon:

However i must admit that when i was trying to build a fire strike sorcerer with it, i quickly ran out of points, and elemental gear that supports both demolitionist and arcanist seems to be in short supply.

Can anyone help me with this or give me some general tips on how to build a character (my first one was kind of a pain to get to level 100 and I am honestly sick of playing that one)

Maybe this will be useful for you [] Take those frames by the Horns - Elemental Fire Strike Purifier (WIP - SR65 so far)

If your first build can farm SR 60, then you can always go to shattered realm set. It allows easy building of solid assemblies without super damage, but pretty tanky. Something in this way:
Devotions are up to you, since 3-elemental builds allow super flexibility in devotions. My variant is just an example.