DW Alladrah Savagery Archon?

I was curious about Alladrah’s Spellblade which converts Savagery to Fire and adds some Burn damage. (They can also be used for fire EoR with Shieldbreaker or Paladin etc., but I ignore that part for now.) Oathkeeper has a lot of burn support including the Divine Mandate exclusive. You could also stack RF but I don’t think it makes a huge difference. Plug in Justice set, Korvaak Brand to allow dual-wielding and Serenity for resists (since it’s all purple the resists are tough) and it looks pretty interesting. Not many points in Savagery itself, but Storm Touched, Smite and Judgment can all be hard-capped.

Anyone played with this kind of archetype before? I know there’s an anti-Wind Devil contingent but I happen to like them, and the daggers fully convert them to fire too. I did some searching for any builds like this and found nothing.


Melee DW, and fire DW melee in particular, requires a lot of flat dmg to work consistently. Sadly, Archon doesn’t provide any flat for DW. You will have to accumulate flat dmg by all means available to you: relic, rings, amulet. And you will have to get at least 20% adcth.

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AdctH is something I also think it’s needed a lot, Revenant is must perhaps. Especially for a class without much absorb and in-built defense. SR set don’t have flat but will provide defense, what do you think?

And Iskandra relic perhaps will be BiS, massive damage through proc and attack speed.

I considered Eye of the Storm also, the aura has flat lightning which is converted. But you’re right that Iskandra is better for the burn bonuses and higher flat. I’ll have to fix resists then.

For ADctH I have access to Blood Pact if I free up some points elsewhere. If I take Scales or Revenant then I can get to 20%.

I feel like I’m leaving a lot of damage on the table here, but maybe this will work better: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNnOL3y2

You need MI’s to balance things in such build. Aleksander’s Chausses or Solael-Sect Pants with a good rolls might be useful, also you might think to use Kaisan Necklace and Reforged Chains of Oleron to get some Savagery and Divine Mandate bonus. Combustion Band also for extra RR or Double Pyre to get more Burn damage. %7 lifesteal is not enough, you should get atleast %12-13. And the biggest problems are damage and phys resist I suppose.

Well, I don’t mind grinding Kaisan but

damage and phys resist

If you don’t think it’s going to have good damage output then I’ll scratch it. Not really interested in grinding for something that won’t work well.

You gonna have to solve phys resist problem with devotions because your gear doesn’t provide much but with some MI’s you can atleast compensate your other stats like resistances, some lifesteal, oa, da, disruption resist etc. You can use runeguard greaves for %5 resist and it also give you some absoption. I can help you with Kaisan Amulets let me check the stash, I have more than 50 useful I guess.

That’s OK, I have one with Ascendance points. My concern is more if the build will be a viable one given Savagery isn’t really a fire-friendly skill.

I also have one with both life steal and ascension bonus if I remember correctly. But you need to fix your devotions and gears to see what you’ll neediing most in a Kaisan Amulet.

Mine rolled with Impervious, so together with my Reaper legs resists aren’t an issue and I can put on the pieces I need. She’s a Shaman so Blood Pact can help with the life steal issue along with Revenant.

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Even it’s true, it is not a good idea. Since the build has almost no cold>fire conversion but %100 lightning>fire(with two good rolled blades) 1/3 will be converted to fire. But even the build has %100 cold and lightning>fire, with that helmet, you lost the set skill bonus which %4 AS more and more flat fire&burn damage.

I put my head together with @fordprefect and we built the devo path, and I ignored most of his advice on itemization except for Blazeheart and Combustion Band. :smiley: we’ll see who’s right!

I was able to stick with all purples, and also work in Iskandra’s Balance to follow @Nery’s suggestion and get solid overcaps with the help from Shaman’s Oak Skin. Now to build it and test.


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Btw Vire’s Might Transmut only works with 2Hand or Shield. No need to put the point in for a DW. :sweat_smile:

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Thanks, point goes to Crushing Verdict instead.

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Yeah the support for Fire Savagery in terms of getting skill points consists of that hat, and Justice set is better since this is an Oathkeeper. That’s why my theory is to shift the focus to high WPS and damage from Judgment and item effects. The Alladrah weapon, Korvaak medal and Pyre ring add points to Storm Touched, but that’s single target, it would be the same as a Shieldbreaker dumping points into Static Strike.

I’ll have to think about Soulblade also, since it has some nice mods on RF. But I’ll try sav first since tenacity’s bonuses are better for stats.

With the setup above, mobs in SR 65 were taking huge chunks of my hit points. Lots of quick deaths which is kind of shocking with 20 ADCTH, 3k armor, 16k hit points and overcapped resists. Even through Ascension I get clobbered. So I clearly need some more absorbs. Too spoiled by being able to face-tank in Inquisitor Seal and rely on Blast Shield to save my ass if I’m stupid.

After a time of disappointment and cooling down I’m going to try it again with a different devo path, Scales and Empyrion’s purported defensive bennies are just not making up for the damage loss in this build. It seems to work fine in Ford’s DW Shieldbreaker, but this class doesn’t have Blast Shield and Fire Strike, it only has some little totems and Savagery which doesn’t want to be a DW ability. If I go glassier then it should also end up with better survival. Hourglass is also likely a must.

The WPS don’t seem to be doing much work. I thought since double Void on pistols is a known quantity, it would translate well to melee, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. The build is just starved for flat, flat, flat. So I’ll try it with double Flint and pump Ascension instead of Judgment.

There isn’t a great option for the belt so I’ll farm Valbury for something from Brandis.

I don’t remember if I have Mythical Warpfire, but it is super relevant too: https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9327

Alazra’s Ruby is almost certainly BiS: https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8971

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