DW Cold infiltrator doing SR 103+

Infiltrator is really strong:

A player posted this gameplay a few hours ago. There are more in his channel.



The player lacrimosa616, author of the gameplay, posted his build here in the forum:

103th Shard

I mean, I am pretty sure I could do that too, if I had hours of free time and absolutely nothing else on my plate and somehow manage to keep myself from dozing off due to boredom. And not playing Hardcore means you can die as much as you want.

You can die as much as you like in hardcore mode too… and restore your save back up as I know most hardcore players are guilty of.

Sure, but you will have to restart SR from 75 then. In SC, you can just go back to killing stuff and keep climbing unless you get a combination and map room where you can’t even kill a single Boss.

I can feel the skill oozing from the screen. Such deep well-trough gameplay. Multi-leveled player interaction with one pixel of positioning mean life or death.
So, there are some console comands for shotcuts in SR, or someone really wasted 12 hours of life in that place?

why no GT link? Basically 99% of the youtube videos that are not from a formuite seem to lack GT links.


SR should put a death count, pretty sure this dude died hundred times just to get there! and that timer too! :eek:

i more question , how a human being can go sr +90 without dying from boredom… last time i reached sr 75 to 90ish something i was like ‘i am done with sr’ and prolly never entered again.

that place is definition of boredom and residentsleeper LUL and i dont think it fits current GD content by any means

i dont think thats some cool assumption, we have no info about his char, some chars can push sr with no pots no cheese no shrines with little to no problems and infiltrator can be one of it :wink:

Nah, as long as you know what you are doing you won`t die. Your gear would carry you trough all 1x1 fights longer that your brain would allow you. :rolleyes:

They posted a GT link in a reply on the video.

lacrimosa616 Build:


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Cause this’s relatively new forum. Nothing is lost or deleted.

Welcome to the forum. :grinning:

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I appreciate the info

This is the build that’s referenced:

• This build is not a fast farmer,his AOE skills are not so good (Devotions are good for me,but guys if you want to become more aggressive you can invest in the powerful cold devotions,like Whirloopl or Yugol).

Seems like very defensive build. Also shattered realm set op.