dw cold spellbreaker input

liked cold dw nightblade way back in early access, so looking to rebuild one

mostly been playing several calss combinations so far since release so don’t have any fancy items to hand down (at least 2 reapers touch)

been messing around in grimcalc and currently ended on something like this

not sure if it’s worth it shooting for starpact but aside from the cold dmg the cd reduction is nice for defensive cooldowns(the extra health from having both masteries maxed doesn’t hurt though), probably adjusting the dw procs to 5 after + skills (aside from execution)

devotions: not 100% sure here either, maybe too offensive focused
either whirlpool or blizzard on shadowstrike (leaning to whirlpool since blizzard only procs on crit)

thinking coldstone and riftstone on weapons for aura and more mobiltiy

nothing on devotions?


Obviously you might not be able to fit in everything to those levels once you hit 85 as it will depend on your gear choices and how much +skills you end up with. My Spellbreaker is my favorite character but I took time off of the game for awhile and when I came back I worked my Blademaster to 85 first.

Some main skill choices I like in the Dual Blades line (no need really to overlevel anything in this line). I like Execution at 8/8 but I keep the others at 5/8 so they’re always at 20% chance to use. Veil of Shadow keep at 10/10 but Night Chill over level as much as possible. I have 17/10 right now myself. Max out Pneumatic Burst and Shadow Dance, as well as Merciless Repertoire (you can overlevel this for more Cold% if you want).

Ring of Steel, Blade Barrier & Blade Trap are popular choices too. I chose not to use them but in the end the skill choices you make depend on how you like to play. Devotion skills go for defense with everything. Resistances, resistances, resistances, Health%, & Attack Speed% helps DPS a lot.

In the Arcanist skills Olexra’s Flash Freeze is a must! One of the best skills in the game in my opinion. Level this up early and you’ll breeze through the lower levels. I like maxing Mirror of Eroectes too. Put as much as you want into Inner Focus and Arcane Will, again depending how much +skills you have but you’ll find in this build bonus to All Arcanist Skills is limited.

I was going to do a full elemental/ice spellbreaker like OP, then I ended up maxing dual blades. Most of the gears you find (deathmark set etc.) will give some +pierce% so flat pierce damage are actually decent.
This is what I have right now:
Went full physique and I still don’t feel I’m tanky enough. I could do fabius in ~2 min. Used to be much faster before nullification, -resist and acid spray got nerfed. Now I can’t even face tank fabius properly…

Well you’re not suppose to face tank bosses as a Spellbreaker to be honest. If you skill and gear for it sure but that takes time to setup properly unless you use GDSidekick for the gear.

I actually dropped my Dual Blades down some and put more into IEE & Maivens Sphere. My DPS went down below 9k but survivability is better now.

I initially considered getting OFF higher yeah, heck it’s the first skill I maxed early on, cause it makes early game easier

but if I want to include starpact, I have less points available
which is why including starpact was one of the questions I had (which wasn’t really answered)

other questions that came up
I guess the 2 aoe procs are more ideal to link devotions to?
with a sum of 80% chance to proc one of them is it worth considering using a component auto attack ability(beronath?) to link a devotion to?

In my experience while the WPS procs work, they’re unreliable. With an autoattack replacer you’ll proc more reliably. Beronath is worth it for the damage either way.

On star pact, I’m not sure it’s worth it. The frostburn damage is meh, 135% damage isn’t all that much after the boost to offensive devotions. I’d much rather stop the arcanist bar at 32 and put those points elsewhere.

weapon question

nearing end of veteran, been using mostly 2x reaper’s touch
they seem very hard to replace

the empowered versions are obviously good replacement
but what other lategame weapons are good to keep an eye out for as a dw spellbreaker?