[DW melee] Beginner's Virulent Dervish

Sigh. Since this build got quite popular recently I guess I’ll do an update before moving on to next one.

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My bad, I thought the grim tools difficulty and my level would’ve given it away, and it was just some mob manticore. I like your build otherwise I wouldn’t be using it, I just wanted to figure out what I was missing. Sorry if you had a rough day.

Actually, difficulty in grim tools always defaults to ultimate, even if you upload a level 20 character. Level 95 doesn’t give it away either since it’s a bit too late for elite and suprirsingly early for ultimate roguelike farming. My standard practice is transition from elite to ultimate at about level 90, then I get to 100 just by completing vanilla campaign on Ultimate. Since you mentioned level 95 I could had easily assumed you’re trying it on elite.

If that’s Ultimate then your “mob” manticore enemy is highly likely the Manticore Deathstalker, in which case it woudn’t be surprising he oneshot you given your DA. Lemme guess - high initial damage and then you’ve just melted from damage over time, right? I’ve been killed with more durable characters by that thing, and that was before all roguelike dungeons received a stat boost.

Given all of that I would say you’re asking too much out of the build as it is now. All of my builds are based around the idea of providing a build that could start farming Ultimate, but I never ever stated that this kind of gear is enough to clear everything.

Rough day huh. People who come saying that they “followed my guide” but “they are too squishy” show up every once in a while, and I always take it as an implication that the build is bad. 100% of the time I discover that they ignored some character building basics like keeping gear up to level or using components. Seems obvious if you think about it but you’d be surprised. What’s worse is people would often assume I would magically know what’s the problem with their character because they are “following my guide”. You happened to be a second one in one day so yeah, sorry for lashing on you like that, especially since you actually provided GT without asking.

Now that I think about it you’ve probably been using Scaled Hide until level 95 that should had boosted your armor absorption to 84%. This is if you had been following the guide relatively closely. Then you probably discarded it when you were tweaking your build with updated gear. Try Scaled Hide + Ancient Armor Plating or even double Scaled Hide, you’d notice the difference for sure.

So, by some miracle I had a copy of my dead Dervish left. I used cheat tool to revive him and switch to softcore and ran him through Steps of Torment on Ultimate. The record of the run is below.

Here’s what I think about it:

  1. I suspected that me dying vs Alkamos was some sort of an unlucky coincidence, like bad mutators and Alkamos spawning with some uber weapon. Now I’m pretty much sure.

  2. I call bullshit on all rebukes that the build is too squishy. Perhaps it is, but for hardcore. For softcore damage spikes I experienced during the run is an acceptable performance.

  3. Since it’s softcore I pulled a pokerface and facetanked shit unless hp dropped too low. Usually I play more safe. Expected to get rekt, but nah.

  4. If not low defensive ability (2626 w/ PB and Consecration while I’d want somewhere around 2850) it would be pretty much as durable as any other beginner build of mine, except Deathknight.

  5. Devotion setup is hyperoffensive with the idea of stacking poison and just kiting when shit hits the fan, but I guess players would had preferred a setup where more defense is guaranteed outside of gear. My mistake, would work on it.

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I am using this build now, but I transited from Contragor’s immortal pets Dervish, because i failed to farm a couple of important gear for that build at the needed time (this is my first char ever, so I made a couple of stupid mistakes…) and kept dying too often.

Long story short, I am undergeared for both builds, dying regularly to elites, but in a position where I can more or less farm the necessary gear for any of the two builds.

Which of the two builds would be better for clearing MC and getting to 100? By better I mean faster and less problems with bosses.

To be honest, by playing these builds I understood that I do not like pets or melee. I’d rather be range or caster, but have no clue if it’s viable as dervish and I definitely don’t want to start another char before I get this one to 100.

So keeping this in mind, maybe there are some other viable builds for leveling a Dervish with self found gear? I am willing to farm for needed items, if it’s not hundreds of hours. I am around lvl 40 atm.

That’s not something I could answer because I haven’t looked deep into Contragor’s builds. Perhaps someone else.

You can’t really be undergeared for my build because it doesn’t require anything hard to get to work properly.

I heard posting GT link of your char helps at getting actually useful advice.

Sounds like you’d love this

For a cheap gear version of the build above you can try to adapt this


Updated the first post. There had been quite a few changes.

Devotions now have Yugol’s proc and Eye of the Guardian (basically worth picking since current patch), Revenant instead of Manticore (I still love Manticore, but admittedly it’s non-meta and was picked for higher poison tick, but stacking poison is just not how most people want to play this), Spider and Raven (both got a huge buff since the patch build was made), dropped Chariot of the Dead (still love the proc, but with Revenant instead of Manticore it’s a bit awkward to get).

When it comes to gear I attempted to make the promo setup less questionable from beginner’s point of view. The belt is now faction with +1 to Nightblade (basically became a thing this patch), helm is now non-caster so doesn’t require points in spirit (the fuck was I thinking at the time…), boots are Mythical Final March and the Viloth’s Ring was replaced by second Widow’s String (because I’m already using one, so it’s under assumption I have a blueprint; Viloth’s Ring remains a viable alternative that takes a bit extra time to farm). With this setup it is enough if your pants are either Stonehide or Impervious (pierce/poison res variant) to cap your resistances. Also I’m now using Ravager’s Eye instead of damage augment to beef up the character a bit.

As for skills I’m now pushing Nightblade to 50, main reason for that is putting 1 point into Nightfall improves the proc chance of the Devotion bound to Shadow Strike - Murmur in this case. It is a standard meta practice. Thanks to @mad_lee for explaining this to me.

The guide’s text didn’t catch up with the changes yet, so expect contradictions. They would be ironed out in due time.

Also, I’m starting a new Dervish with a goal of updating Levelling section, since the difficulty of early game got raised.


Thank you very much for the update Stupid_Dragon !

Added Troubleshooting section which I hope people would find useful.

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Thanks a lot for the update!!!

I actually haven’t thought about my armor :unamused:. So i updated my chest and legs for better pieces (although i lost some offense in the process due to worse affinities) and i am holding a lot better!

Then i proceeded to town to hand in a quest and decided to buy a couple of augments, just for giggles and i bought the rift one from Cult of Dreeg and when i wanted to put it on my skill tab, i realized that i have a couple of skills granted by my weapons, that i never used! So i toggled those on (two of them, apparently they stack) and my sheet DPS skyrocketed :man_facepalming:! I feel very stupid…

I think i will go on playing this build to the end and farming with it for and endgame gear.

Looking forward for more updates!!! Every little bit of information helps stupid newbs as myself. What i would find particularly useful, would what to look for in gear, maybe even some MI suggestions that could be farmed at regular points. This is my build, for reference. GT shows different numbers than in-game though.

I know my devotions are fucked up, but i don’t have aether crystals to fix them and i have no idea where i can farm them at my level, since Burwitch area doesn’t drop them anymore.

I guess I’ll have to put it into the guide too :rofl:

As for your build - I think you can find a better chest armor by now. Around level 40 heavy armor pieces with 390 armor should begin to show in shops.

Other than that you’re doing remarkably well.

EDIT: as for devotions just finish Murmur then get Guardian’s Gaze, bind it to Fervor. Remove that last point from Manticore and you should be back on track.

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After getting the Guardians with Celestial Presence and Path of the Three (at lvl 44 i think), monsters started literally melting. It’s amazing!

Thank you for the updates! Been slowly grinding my way through the game.I appreciate how meticulous you were on devotions,leveling and why we set up the skills

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So I made it to FG and am level 57. There used to be a faction guide, at least I remember one last time I looked at this guide. Does it matter which Witch god you support in FG? Will it affect my build choices at all?

Yes, I’m quite in the process of doing a complete overhaul. I decided to cut some sections since there were too many of them.

The cult you need to go with is Dreeg. It isn’t super important, but each faction rewards you with different Mobility Runes once you complete their optional quest available after you reach Honored. Dreeg’s faction gives you Dreeg’s Vector, which is basically an acid version of Rift Tear. The versions given on Elite and Ultimate also inflict a useful debuff if you land unto your opponents.

The faction that truly matters is Barrowholm, since most of the items I use later in the game come from them.

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Thanks!! Also good update so far!

I’m redoing all my devotions now. Luckily had some potions stashed up

Updated levelling up to level 75.

Your leveling guide does not correspond to your devotion path! There’s no Behemoth in the devotion path!

What should i do now?!

Behemoth is a replacement for Rat.

Devotion section would be updated a bit later.