[DW melee] Beginner's Virulent Dervish

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This looks like a REAL beginner’s guide. Hell of a job, Stupid Dragon.

Can’t comment much on the items choices since I am a total noob when it comes to such gear, but shouldn’t Revenant be better then Manticore here?

Nice guide as always!
Dervish is one of the most popular classes and certainly this should help all the people trying to level the wonderful end game setups.

I wanted to achieve high poison ticks, so I chose Manticore. Manticore is also super convenient for levelling.


Hi, first of all thank you for your guides!

I am a noob and i want to follow one of your Dw melee builds. You say that blademaster is much safier, so dervish has more damage or QOL?

Yes, in theory you can squeeze much more sheer damage out of Dervish. During my experiments I was looking at almost 130k sheet dps at some point, but the character ended up lacking many core stats, so I had to tone it down a bit.

Dervish also can do dps while kiting due to his ability to stack poison on the enemy.

Honestly, between Blademaster and Dervish I enjoyed Dervish more. When farming as Blademaster I had to often skip trash enemies because my AoE was mediocre, but as Dervish I just Shadow Strike into the crowd, use Ring of Steel with Tainted Eruption, followed by ABB with Scorpion Sting, and move on, most weak enemies will just die from this combo shortly after.

If it isn’t about hardcore then Dervish is a perfectly fine choice to go with. For hardcore Blademaster is a better starting pick, because he’s more durable due to how things aligned. I’m 100% sure Blademaster would had survived that one encounter.

Thanks! I think i’ll go Dervish then :smiley:

Perfect beginner’s guide:cool:


Feel free to link it in your build. :wink:

Sure I will, I’m planning to update me thread with lots of new features including link to your guide:p

Nice acid build! Sorry to hear about you losing the char :confused:

I was wondering if you ever considered this faction weapon https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/11681

By just changing weapons to these in your Grim Tool build, I found a small increase in weapon damage (about 12%) https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BzvWw2

Did you just overlook it or did you have other reasons for excluding this weapon? The trap cc resist on the wendigo claw is pretty nice I guess and its proc is more potent than the Dreeg venomweaver

Great job! Pretty good guide for new players! :fire:

No idea how I missed it…

I think I did discover them at some point but somehow decided that wendigo claws are better, and that was somehow latched into memory so when I started to level an actual thing I didn’t even bothered to double check it. Perhaps these daggers were improved at some point.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Hi stupid dragon!
Just saw this. Thanks for referencing my build from your guides.

Great guide as usual. Good reads…
Will be really useful for the new players that want to experience the power of Dervish. You guys should also make one for warlord, and other powerful classes.

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Hi, thanks.

I thought the interest in Warlords began to wane after retal was nerfed?

Which other classes you consider powerful?

Warlord still as powerful as ever. RtA is nerfed but should still be strong. The class is just too synergistic, I am sure more hidden warlord build will get discovered in the future, and it will not be limited to RtA.

Current strong classes are vindicator, infiltrator, and pet conjurer. Other oathkeeper variation may also be a top contender, but the build just hasn’t been discovered yet.

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Malawiglenn have two Warlords made,one Forcewave and also EoR one.
I agree about Dervish and WL are strong and they are must for guides.

Infiltrator I could do easily and even want to, but since Nery has one it’s not a priority.
Conjurer got a beginner build written by a pet player.

Vindicator I was asked about already, a primal strike one. But personally I just love the idea of conjurer more. :undecided:

The question about PS 2h Vindy is can you get enough attack speed from Malmouth Greatsword?For ranged Sparkthrower is monster good weapon.

I will add to classes Purifier.Really strong and as beginner you know,you can count on faction gun,that is a great option.

Beginners Templars have Vanquisher set as next goal,you can build Opressor like my guide with Dark one.I have the idea for beginners EoR lightning Archon,but low attack speed,and you have to count on Savagery and devils and they interrupted the flow.Paladin is strong beginners build,Shieldbreaker is probably a option,but DA and resistances problem.Sentinel caster is also in my plans,but wil see…

Just got my 3rd character to 100 based on Malwiglenn’s Beginner Spinner. Is probably my most successful so far! Especially since I found a couple of pieces of Warborn and transmuted a whole set.

This Dervish will probably be next on my list if I don’t get any Ghol’s drops soon… Thanks for the great indepth beginner guide!