[Poison Build] Looking for hardcore-self-loot viable poison/acid build

Hello guys,

As the title said, I’m interested into doing some poison/acid damage but I do not find any build that fit my requisites. Most of them do not seem to be hardcore viable, which sadened me.

I was hoping to build something with the Oathkeeper and as far as I saw in the Compendium for exemple, this one : [DW melee] Beginner's Virulent Dervish
looks like the most “viable”… But the author himself says that is not a viable choice for hardcore.

So… With the new patch and all, do you guys have any tips ?

Oh, and btw, I play only with a friend (Coop duo) and… It’s doesn’t make the thing easier I guess. But it’s pretty fun and we’re having a really good time each time we play together.

I know it’s a little bit generic and unspecific, but eh… i’m pretty open, I just want to play a poison build that’s not complete garbage as I did in the past.
Plus, in hardcore, when you die…
You die. So… Yeah. Can’t make many mistakes.

Many thanks, have a nice day/evening guys. And thanks the devs for this game who I put way too many hours in.

Try this [] [caster] Beginner's/budget acid Sentinel
perhaps change devos to include turtle and/or giants blood proc for HC.

HC is about your playing skills and knowledge of the game also - the build is not the only thing you can blaim if you die.

co-op definitely make things easier, but there are many stupid ways to RIP in HC MP (aura damage bugs etc) make sure you read up on these things before you guys start.

Another option is my Acid Aegis sentinel build for beginners (soon done with that, I had it posted here before but I am revising it now)

Another option is the my Vitality Cabalist, but go with this kinda offhand instead Leafmane Horn and change devotions to acid oriented

you can find my guides here ☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds

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That’s incorrect, I never said that.

Oh man, I can’t read…

I’m the on who should be named “Stupid” eh.
As far as I want into this topic, you said :

So I assumed that this build wasn’t well suited for hardcore. So, my mistake.
Since I lost many, many character using builds from the compendium or made by myself… I prefer to be sure, if I’m using a build found on the internet, that he is HC viable.

So my apologies mr. Stupid_Dragon.

EDIT : Double stupid, I am.

Thank you Malawiglenn for your input. I’ll definitely check that.

Thing is, “viable” for HC is a skill-based thing. When I just started playing HC I’ve been losing even shield characters. Then I played other stuff like melee 2H or ranged Inquisitors. I considered myself a seasoned HC player, but when I switched to DW I instantly lost my first 3-4 attempts around level 50, because what was possible with bulky 2H builds isn’t always possible with DW.

Then, the Dervish. To be perfectly honest, I think I was unlucky. It was Alkamos, who’s basically a nemesis-tier boss. And I could swear he rolled some insane sword weapon that had a black-ish smoke around it (perhaps I was seeing things). Moreover, I was kinda in a rush to finish the guide, I knew well enough that I needed to sacrifice extra 10% damage to be safe. I got punished, no surprise.

So, back to the main point. Is the Dervish viable for HC? Yes, for me. For you though? Who knows. That’s what the paragraph you quotes is supposed to mean - both Blademaster and Dervish are viable, but Blademaster felt safer to me, and therefore he is easier.

But are you a HC viable player?

What is the goal of this? That can also help you figure out what and how to play. You wanna push Shattered Realm as far as possible in ultimate or just beat the game in Veteran or something in between?

Yeah, you’re right. Sorry about that.

I hope I am, eh. I still have to make progress, otherwise, I wouldn’t be here. :slight_smile:

My goal is to beat the game in any difficulty. I do not aim into being performant in Crucible.
So I would like to clean the game from Veteran to Elite with one character. I almost have beat the first part : Veteran. Almost.

Every time one of us, my friend or me, we start from the beginning, so it can be a bit long, but eh, it’s ok.

I don’t want to sound pretentious or that someone give me an easy mode for the game or anything. I just want to know if there is builds out there with acid/poison damage that people think is most suited to survive in hardcore.

Once again, thanks for your input.

Ok you have not even beaten veteran HC yet? Then you should not even look at guides here since those are for level 100 chars basically.

I don’t play HC but I have not died in Veteran since my first ever I made char :stuck_out_tongue: so you don’t need build guides, you just need to learn the basics of the game

Oh yeah ? I must be really bad… With my friends. Maybe.
Or maybe playing in multiplayer make the monsters hit really harder, I don’t know ?
Or maybe we don’t play safely enough.

But eh, Veteran is almost done. I understand what you mean, but I don’t think we are THAT bad, idk. Maybe we’re missing something.

monster health and damage scales poor in multiplayer with player setting. Multiplayer is much easier than single player.

Anyway, I would never play HC multiplayer due to all the weird bugs there are with auras and so on. Sounds too risky.

Oh yeah, it scales poorly ? Okay, never check’d that to be honest.
So, I guess we’re both bad, ah ah.

Bugs with auras ? Players auras or monsters auras ?

I should investigate, you make me curious.

Player auras. I have heard and read so many people gotten themselves killed by party member aura.

This is misleading. Only item auras ever had (and likely still have) this bug. That’s why things like Enchanted Flint, Vitriolic Gallstone etc became personal buffs instead. Player auras are regarded safe.

Let me use this

as my reply :wink:

Though I do recall that someone got burned to death by a companion Aura of Censure…

I’ve levelled over a dozen HC characters (all self found of course) in the past couple of months. All pretty good, but this is my absolute favourite at the moment - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28jqEKZ

Packing a ton of defence and over 250k passive retaliation, which goes up to 450k+ when all buffs are up, - this thing destroys nemesis and bosses. In campaign you just hold right mouse button and see the beautiful acid spinning cloud eliminate monsters. Can play half asleep and/or while drinking beer lol.

Where is the poison damage ?

Hello Aikimox, thanks for your input,

Like Malawiglenn, I see a fire/physical build for the most part. Are you sure you gave us the right link ? :slight_smile:

Check the retaliation section - Acid, not poison. It packs a ton of physical and some fire damage, but the main source is still acid.

acid: 18k with all procs and buffs

physical: average is 269k with all procs and stuff.

How is main source physical retal?

and if acid retal was biggest source, why dont you have transmuted guardians to turn their rr aura to acid? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I can not add upp all retal damage to 450k+ with all procs and stuff up

Damn, wrong link lol, hold on…