[DW melee] Beginner's Virulent Dervish

Just got my 3rd character to 100 based on Malwiglenn’s Beginner Spinner. Is probably my most successful so far! Especially since I found a couple of pieces of Warborn and transmuted a whole set.

This Dervish will probably be next on my list if I don’t get any Ghol’s drops soon… Thanks for the great indepth beginner guide!

Where can i find those two Malawiglenn’s guides?

PM him about it.

Thanks for the well written builds, i learned a lot from it.
I’m leveling my 2nd character following this guide.
The problem is he is really really squishy and died a lot around lvl 40.
Very little aoe and melee range fight style. Only regeneration methods is the burst skill and potion.

Is there any part of regeneration methods or defense i am overlooking?

I can upload my char later when im back home

Hello. Upload you character and I’ll have a look.


I am running my character according to this build and this is my second one, since the first one died in steps of torment after the gates lvl 37 if I recall.

I am playing hardcore veteran and playing it slowly and thoroughly - first time.

Since the death of the first char and playing the second I am noticing the character is a bit squishy.

What would you recommend? I am thinking instead of the jackal to go ghoul as second constellation for more durability and life leech - to maybe improve survivability and get 4 red nodes at the same time.

Second char is lvl 21 and just entered Kriegs lab - did not kill him yet. Told ya playing slowly.

Thank you for your answers and most of all for the guide.


My final setup indeed has Ghoul, so sure, you can get it ahead of schedule, since I swap Jackal for Ghoul later anyway.

I’m afraid there’s not much I could help you with. Hardcore in GD is very much about experience rather than tweaking the build for it. I’ve lost like 3 or 4 DW melee builds between 40 and 60 levels before I learned how to play them, and I was already a seasoned HC player at that point with a dozen of RIP-ed characters. Without that I wouldn’t had brought Dervish to 100 on HC.

ForgottenKane’s Grim Dawn Survival Guide - don’t know how helpful or actual it is, but perhaps it’ll help you out a bit?

Y’know it’s sad. I know I’d like Dervish but I tried playing one and the ABB maintenance literally hurt me to keep up. The buff just doesn’t last long enough and my hand was just fed up with spamming both mouse buttons that frequently.

I tried placing it on a keyboard hotkey and it just became too clunky for me to get used to. Ah well.

This is a solid setup though. Looks fab.

I recommend to put ABB on right mouse key and hold both your buttons on.But is not the most comfortable setup,yes.

ABB speed scales with attack speed, so it isn’t as bad later in the game.

Stupid dragon c’est la première fois que j’ai l’impression que vous faites n’importe quoi.
Ce build ne marche pas du tout même pas capable de faire depraved sanctuary.
Pas de résistance à quoique ce soit, pas de puissance d’attaque, enfin rien vraiment très déçu !!!

Я сожалею, что вам не понравилась моя сборка.

Depraved Sanctuary это опасное место, я не рекомендую ходить туда на низких уровнях, не зависимо от класса вашего персонажа. Глупо называть сборку плохой только из-за этого.

Я уверен, что имеет смысл не забрасывать персонажа в помойку и попробовать поиграть им еще немного.

С уважением, Stupid Dragon.

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Hello! First of all thanks for the guide!
Secondly, and I’m sorry if I missed this, but where should I put my attribute points? All in physique?


Grimtools has my attribute distribution.
You need about 400 cunning for swords and 550 spirit for the helmet I’m using. If you choose to use another one then you need only 400 spirit for jewelry.
Aside of that max Physique. In the beginning focus on physique since you would have enough cunning and spirit from mastery bar.

Thank you so much!

first of all thank you for the build! i’m almost through the classic acts and i really enjoy how easily the build progresses through content.

One question i have is how do you allocate your stat points?
Physique, Cunning and Spirit?

Thank you very much!

Hey SD, thx for mentioning me (should be number 1, though, not number 3! And it’s not ABB “twist” - it’s how Venomblade is MEANT to be! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

Can’t comment on the merits as I got no idea how building works at oa/da 2.5k kinda levels. For endgame, I’d tell you that Chariot is terrible, Manticore obsolete and Revenant a no-brainer. Yugol proc despite not being very popular is quite good especially in crucible, where you take a million hits per second.

What I can tell you, though, is that binding precious Rumor to SS without Nightfall is no good. Rumor doesn’t proc half the time on your single target. As a result you’re fighting mobs with no Rumor going on for many seconds sometimes, sometimes no Rumor till they die. Nightfall multiplies the chance of Rumor proccing on someone and spreading by the number of enemies in range.

Also, I’d scrap 3p from somewhere to get the wps to 5/10.

@Ishiga ABB itself is trash without gear support (Venomblade set). With that support it’s godly. But LA is a must regardless. On any other build except my Venomblade you just need to cast it every 4s or so. Not unlike RoS, Judgment or any other cast.

Also, ABB spam is not any clunkier when on 1-10 buttons. For some reason the cooldown animation on the skill icon doesn’t start for 0.5s but kicks in when it’s already half done. It looks like clunkiness. But the skill goes off just fine, just as it would if it was on the mouse button.

@ya1 Hello

Sorry, but someone has to be number 3 :wink:

The budget building isn’t that different from high end building, but if in high end building you usually got some super optimal devotion setup and try to make adjustments with “free” gear slots then in budget building I’m working with items I could get w/o much effort, so when the stats from items / skills are lacking I dip into devotions to correct that. My setup is not optimal even by budget standards, I want to tweak it further one day, but the direction would be getting more core stats, with fancy procs like Yugol’s being more of an afterthought.

Hey is there a specific place you go for farming Korvan’s Gaze quickly? I cleared the entire expac content while leveling this build in normal and didn’t get a single one so I must be missing something. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure which item you’re talking about because I did a search here


and nothing came up under that name. Most items are random drops that can happen anywhere though. Only a few like MIs (monster infrequents) drop from specific monsters/heroes/bosses. If the database doesn’t tell you who they drop from then it’s a random drop.