[DW melee] Beginner's Virulent Dervish


It’s an item on his profile on all of the links he posted. I saw what mobs it drops off of but I didn’t know his preferred location for farming ideal rolls on it.


Korvan port or Temple of Osyr. It drops from these possessed armor enemies.

I didn’t farm ideal rolls on it by the way, just the first one that looked okay.

Thanks a lot

Love this guide, rerolled from a glass cannon to this and I’m enjoying myself =)

I need to mention a preeeetty sick MI that I found:



EDIT: Not too hard to target farm in Ugdenbog

Mighty - junk affix, but better than Shrewd or Mystic I guess.

Of Protection - decent “yellow” affix.

It’s a curious MI, but since this build uses Ring of Steel simply as a devotion activator, I didn’t even consider it. There aren’t many spare points to max RoS and there aren’t many acid items that provide skill levels for RoS. It should have had +3 to Ring of Steel :unamused:

Hi Stupid_Dragon,

Thanks for putting this guide together. I already did reach lvl 100 in softcore using your deathknight build then had to delete and reinstall everything on my computer, lost the saves into the process so I started over in hc.
So far I’m making my way into the normal difficulty, Bosses are piece of cake (lvl 43, act 4 boss just got smashed). The only thing I changed from your guidelines so far are that I took ghoul instead of jackal as my second constellation and that I pushed a bit further on the nightblade mastery before investing into oathkeeper. Even without the devotion proc, RoS is so satisfying to use to clear trash :slight_smile:

let’s see how long I survive now that I have to tackle expansion content!

I’m lvl47 doing the quest The Necropolis. It’s a little difficult staying alive right now. My build is in line with yours. Should I just farm for gear or something?

Without seeing your build it’s impossible to say why you’re having problems. One typical newbie mistake that causes that is trying to keep lvl 35 blue or faction items up to lvl 50.

Chaos res, if i were to bet. Craft yourself some Imbued Silver. Also, vitality and lightning res should be your priority for this, as well as some acid res for the Loghorean. And as much phys res and armor you can muster. No shame in getting a shield with lots of phys res using it on the switch when in need of kiting.

And be careful around Chthonic Harbingers. They got a serious debuff with most your res going down by about 30%. Don’t fight the Tyrants and Dreadguards when a Harbinger is around - fall back and lure the brutes away from the mage. Learn the icon for Spectral Miasma debuff and don’t engage big mobs when you’re on it.

Also, get some Ascension. With dmg absorb and the fact it’s accessible early it’s priceless on lower levels, also offensively.

Followed the devotion but, you cannot sell Jackal as Abomination is dependent. Cannot sell the other items too because of same reason.

Let me guess. You forgot to invest one point into Chariot. The most right one.

Yup that happened to me also… spend like 15-20 minutes staring at the devotion map to figure out where I went wrong…

Thanks for the build. it really helps getting into Grim Dawn coming from PoE and enjoying this game.

Nope… I completed this but still not able to sell. I went with complete Yugol instead, seems to be fine… Thanks for all the help and for your guide.

Hi, could you help me please.
I am in this part of your construction and the truth is very fragile.


You’re using level 65 gloves, pants and helm on level 90, which results in you having 300 less average armor than me by level 90. Your resists are also kind of low, especially elemental. You should have 70-80% without Consecration to be safe. The Viloth ring to the right is bad, get something else that would fix your resistances. E.g. complete a quest for Slith’s Primal Ring on Ultimate if you still haven’t - would boost your resists really well.

Also let me get this straight - I never told that it’s a juggernaut that could facetank everything. It’s basically a melee assasin with poisons. That it doesn’t forgive neither neglect in defenses nor poor choices in combat is just how it is.

hey. I reseted my account again. Like a new season for grim dawn for me. Right now I level this guy. Level 50. Super smooth. Dual wield attacker is mega fun :smiley:

Is this build up to date more or less? I missed some patches and dont know what stuff changed.

Yes, more or less. There were some changes in devotions relevant for this build, like Spider is a must pick for this build now. Manticore on the other hand I’m no longer sure, I picked it over Revenant because I wanted more poison DoTs, but I think Revenant is still better in the current patch. Then if I’m keeping Chariot I’d be also getting it via buffed Empty Throne rather than Toad.



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What a wonderfull Beast https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b289v1pV

Level 74 Snapshot. Finished Secret temple, aom campaign, got xp potion and now start FG elite. Ready to farm for better mi weapons and rush to ultimate with new weapons.

Hello! Thank you so much for this! Coming back to FG after not playing for over a year and this was very helpful. I have a question on skill rotation though. What is it? At level 20 I only have ABB, SS, PB, and RF active. Should I have more? Thanks in advance

The build doesn’t really has a skill rotation to speak of. You attack with RF, use ABB on cooldown to keep the buff active, use PB either as a timed heal or to refresh a buff, SS to cut distance.