DW Melee Vitality Trickster...

So I got a Mythical Crimson Spike and just recently got the blueprint for Bloodrender and find myself looking at my trickster and kind of wanting to make a vitality build.

Unfortunately I’ve never done a proper build before. Usually I’m not even paying attention to the damage being done… this time however I find myself in possession of a pair of weapons that seemingly just scream to be used. Sadly while looking through the various items I rapidly started getting overwhelmed and rather lost, I’m not seeing the connections I need to see to create a viable build. Any chance I can get a helping hand here? I really hate asking, but I’ve spent a day looking over the Grimtools Database and I’m drawing blank.

Hey, man,

Vitality is a weak damage when it comes to melee. Vitality Trickster would be especially weak since your damage output would be gimped by only one resist reduction spell across two masteries and Trickster is a very fragile class combination as well that usually relies on huge damage output and some hard to get greens to survive.

I would recommend either Bloodrager Bleeding Trickster (god-tier damage, decent survivability, green item required is boots slot and it’s very flexible) or Korba Cold Trickster (top-tier damage, okay-ish survivability, needs pretty specific pair of boots to work well).

Trickster is not god class for vitality,unless you go PB.If you want Savagery vitality melee,try Ritualist.Dual RR is crucial,cause many bosses and especially nemeses have insane vitality RR.Necro btw have nice wps skills for your ideas.

Well that sucks… though it does explain why I’m not seeing any builds for it. bloody hells… and another character enters the realm of fiction… figures. I was kind of enjoying them.

Well thanks for the posts you two. Nice to be informed even if it’s not what I wanted to hear.

I’ll look into the Occultist and Necromancers to see if I can figure out a skill build I’ll enjoy and I’ll likely look at the Bloodrager Bleeding Trickster for this particular character.

FWIW, if all you care about is beating campaign content without superbosses, DW Vitality Trickster using those swords should be doable.

But if you want to do Gladiator Crucible runs or SR runs to 75, you’d be better off doing one of the other builds mentioned.

Quick search:
If he could get Rattosh and Revenant after the patch it might be possible concerning RR. How good it wil be…has to be seen.

Bleeding is a lot easier for sure.

So couldn’t bring myself to walk away and I’m now struggling to make a functional ‘build’.

So here’s a Grimtools link to my current sad efforts…

Mostly curious what you guys think of the devotion ‘path’ I’m sure I screwed it up. Also noticed the devotion skill Tip the Balance will be getting a Resist Reduction All in the notes… not really sure if it’ll be worth it or even needed.

I’m still hunting through the various pieces of equipment to find complimentary gear… or at least what looks like complimentary gear. I often have trouble understanding why a particular piece of equipment was favored over another.

Here is a rough build without components and augments: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NKzkPWZ

Have to wait for patch, too because of some changes. But I think it should be decent but perhaps I am completely wrong. :slight_smile:

Did a little bit more: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2JPEoEZ

Have to see how Oak Skin is changed for Resistances.

This build is going to struggle even in Campaign. It won’t be a fun build to play, that much I can say. If you follow a similiar concept but wih ANY cold weapons, you are going to have much better results and more fun.

I don´t know. On paper (my link) the defense with Physical Resistance and the AdctH seems more than enough. Only the damage is abysmally low in the link (though there is a lot of Crit possible…).

Melee ritualist was pretty useless before FG, you needed a bunch of ultra rare greens to make it work in melee. Now, with FG it could probably work without greens with the right build but it would still be kinda gimp.

I have just tested this spec for fun last night. Here is a video. Spoiler: it did not do well. @Rhylthar Just compare flat damage on your Trickster grimtools link and my Ritualist. Mine has 3 times the amount of flat. And a second passive RR from Necro. And still the damage is very very average. And all the ADCTH in the wolrd couldn’t save me from dying.

RR would not be a problem when patch hits. I am still wondering why the damage is so low. Okay, RoS with Hungering Void will do some good Criticals but the rest?

Strange, it seemed finde till I saw the damage.

Why would RR not be a problem? Did I miss something?

Even if you somehow equip 5 of those Crimson Spikes vitality RoS damage would be still pathetic. Difference in flat damage is mostly Necromancer providing tonns of flat Vitality but also you screwing quite a bit in that Grimtools link (wrong ring augments, wrong weapon components, Blood Pact not hard capped etc).