dw pistol build question

Hi there,

i want to try a dw pistol build, main damage fire.
Using demo with firestrike line but what second class is
better: Inquisitor or pyro?
I don’t know if it’s better to go fire/elemental damage or
Going fire/elemental seems easier because fire devotions need green/red
which doenst fit with going dying god…

What do you think?

Tried both :slight_smile:

They both work perfectly with very similar results :
Occultist for fire chaos gives you more attack speed and poison resistance. You will get fire of eldrich devotion, and rely on brimstone that rapes waves of mob.

Inquisitor for fire/lightning will give you awesome WPS, a shitload of OA, and some HP. Hand of ultos and elemental storm are your main source of RR.

Overall, same playstyle.

But i find Purifier more dynamique because occultist is very boring here : you are obly using curse and dreeg every 30s.

Think about shaman / iquisitor for pure lightning dual gunslider