DW Pistol build - which class?

As title, I want to make a DW pistol character but unsure of best classes.
Any recommendations for the most efficient, successful combination?
I was thinking perhaps Purifier and make it fire based but maybe there are better options?

Firestrike build: purifier

Death knight, purifier, tactician in my experience. Purifier gets access to some of the best pistols in the game by being fire and lightning based. Purifier has access to firestrike and brimstone and chilling rounds. Death knight is one of my favourites just because I like watching reaping strike proc repeatedly and combined with the right pistols an absolute tonne of lifesteal.

Thanks, i’ll try and toss a coin between Purifier & Death Knight.
Maybe even both! :smiley:

How does a death knight dual wield?

There are items that allow you to dual wield one-handed melee or ranged weapons. See here for ranged.