DW Purifier - Trouble with Lokarr

I spent alot of time putting this build together but Im struggling with Lokarr way more than I would like. Im standing in the seal and letting him have it but I die 9 out of every 10 attempts. Not sure if Im fighting him wrong or what. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Below is the Grim Tools link


This is my purifier, as you can see, I got a slightly different setup.
Works like a charm.

I´d highly recommend changing your devotion setup, and get Storm Spread (7/10). Your boots and pants are meh, for Lokarr you should have at least one item “of kings”/with the battlecry proc. Try crafting stonehide boots or get them Mythical Chausses of Barbaros (NM would be okay also).

Get rid of Flash Bang and get Static Strike to 12/12.
Imo Thermite Mine is an awful skill and especially clunky for DW pewrifiers, I get by fine without it.

Try this, should help. If you don´t already: use pots for Lokarr.


Your problem one is wrong devotions - chariot+giants blood are mostly for casters without solid weapon dmg to life steal. Get revenant, also ultos would be nice for an elemental char.

Skills - max deadly aim, put ranged expertise and bursting to 10, then add 6 to chilling and 7 to storm spread. Get rid of hellfire mine, keep thermite at 1 point wonder. Put blast shield to 12 and…

anyway, this is how i would make it devotion and skill wise: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWkLp7V

I can guarantee this setup would kill him 9x out of 10 tries.

Gear wise change rings and amu augments with survivors ingenuity, and add runebound topaz to the rings asap. The pants are totally useless on your build, it looks like you get the worst ones possible ^^ barbaros, solael’s, arcane harmony, tranquil mind, great pants and i could continue. Get better pants, also boots could be changed with stormtitans, runeguards or some stonehide crafted ones.

It became kinda long advice, but hopefully it will help you at least a little. Cheers

Thanks for the reply here and to the other person as well…As far as the rings did you mean just the augments and the components or the rings themselves?

Augments and components. Rings itself are BiS basically for every cold/fire builds including yours atm.

I was curious about the Revenant constellation. How do those 4 points in that really help me? It seems to be energy Leech resist and a vitality resist…ok but maybe Im missing something. With those 4 points I can have Amatok and the Blizzard skill.

It gives 6% additional life steal. Blizzard is not worth much since your cold dmg is not that high to focus devotions around it purely for dmg boost.

Ok…made some changes. Besides having the dog Constellation I have some rare pants and using the Golemborn greaves. My first Lokarr run 15 minutes ago…Killed him dead. So this works. As much as I hated leaving my Blizzard skill behind I realize things like armor and “boring” attributes like OA and DA matter…even if in small increments. Been playing this game for 3 months so I think now I have a better way of looking the Constellations and gear…Like dont forget heavy armor. Since you mentioned the Covenant and the life steal ( attack damage to health) I put Kilrians in my chest armor for the 10% chance of 33% life steal. If Im getting hammered by a boss this should activate quite a bit. Below is the revised build. Thanks again.


You should read this guide and see what your build is missing.
AKDONG Purifier