DW the same Legendary

When a legendary has a “grants skill” do they stack in anyway when dual wielding? Are there any legendary weapons that DW and same in each hand would be “the way to go”? I ask because a started a witch hunter on the weekend and I was looking through my inventory and found a few doubles

Death Omen
Fist of the Venomblade

Skills with a %chance to happen, such as the fist of the venomblade, stack in that you are rolling twice against the %chance to happen. Skills that cause a buff or aura to be applied will not stack because you can only receive a buff from the highest powered source of the same name currently active. I don’t know how intelligent the system is about double proccing effects that don’t stack. For example, the death omen ‘mark of death’ is an active debuff so it does not stack with itself, but it could mean that you’d have effectively halved cooldown if the system is smart enough to not double proc it. My guess would be it is not though, since it probably just checks the criteria for activation “on hit” rather than looking for other on hit effects that are happening at the moment.

Thank you Halcyon (your name reminds me of the waterbed I had in the 80s :D)

I will go with the Death Omen/Crimson spike combo for now

Do note, though, that using the same component on both weapons will grant you 2 skills, and if those are auras, they can stack.