DW Vitality pistol Defiler


This is my 2nd or 3rd try at making a duel wield gunslinger using the pistol that drops from the new dungeon. Yes I know it definitely needs work. Any help in refining it would be appreciated. Just thought I’d give this a try since nobody else seems to have tried it as far as I know.

as newbie advice, I think you only need to put 16/16 at Vindictive Flame. more than 16 point in there is… rather pointless in my experience. thus i can have more points to invest.

Dayum. I wish i can get those guns someday

Actually 11/16 is fine. After that it gives diminishing returns. Unless you really need that speed then I’d suggest only getting 11 points in Vindictive Flame.

And this was an utter failure (least on my part since I still suck ass at trying to make builds). Just tried Gladiator out of curiosity and died on wave 10. Damage seems too low and enough attack speed. Guess I’ll once again leave someone else to make a much superior version. Hell, my first try at this build had even less damage yet somehow managed to get 45% Life Steal lol.

Your skill distribution literally sucks. This is how it should look: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2mGkznZ

You still have 18 points to spend, you can do whatever you want with them. Some skills are literally worthless to go over cap. Skills like Reaping Strike should never go over 20% proc chance, because they don’t offer much (you can overcap them if you base on them and still have points to spend). Harbinger of Souls is bad to overcap because it doesn’t give you anything worth having after 12 ranks. Siphon souls can help you in some situations, also has OA debuff. Mark of Torment is a must have, because it reduces damage. Ill Omen reduces physical damage and resists. I prefer having Fire strike at 12/12/1+item bonuses/12+overcap. Flashbang is again a must. Vindictive flame doesn’t provide much, therefore people mostly pick it for the movement speed - 11/16 is enough, the upgrade Ulzuin’s Wrath is not needed, but it might be nice to have, sometimes. People like going overcap with Blast Shield, I don’t think it’s a good idea because it doesn’t give too much as you have to be under 60% HP (which is absurd since you may lose even 70% HP in one hit sometimes) - 10 points for +5 maximum to all resists is sharp, don’t need more (you get +8% at rank 22/12). If you want some more Vitality damage on your attacks, get Bone Harvest (1/1/12). It grants a buff which gives 76 vitality damage and +65% vitality damage at rank 12.

If you pick Bone Harvest too, you’ll have 4 more points to spend however you want. Otherwise 18. I didn’t touch devotions nor gear.

I’ll give it another try. Pretty sure this build probably wouldn’t work out for Crucible though possible for normal campaign.

As I stated/whined, I still very much suck at making builds. I’m sure within a while someone will make a version with 3K DA and twice the damage.

Every DW pistol I try always seems lacking compared to a WPS Purifier using full Dagallon’s set. I tried a Chaos Pyromancer that managed over 10K Chaos on the middle tab of the character window, yet the WPS Purifier does like 4x more damage to the Training Dummy.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pn01eZ completely changed to an Apostate and it is tankier but it looks like I’m gonna have to repeat Crucible multiple times to test this out. Made it to wave 16 of Gladiator Crucible and somehow a Possessed Mage was invincible to me.

It’s not hard to make characters. If you’re adding skills, you should look how the values change and choose if you want to overcap a skill or not. About equipment, you’d want to focus on as much DA/OA as possible, but force yourself to only cap resists at at least 80%. Devotions and components should provide both, DA and OA. The hardest build to get a relatively good OA and DA is probably Cold Nightblade (might be wrong, though), because you mostly end up with ~2400 OA and ~2200DA, but I managed to get 2939 OA 2785DA with only permanent buffs. The average of minimum OA and DA with only perma buffs is around 2600 - 2700, although you may be effective even with less than that. Some builds also don’t really need such high (or average) OA, since their damage is high enough without crits. Example would be my Spellbinder, which hits for ~150k without crits per second (not with one skill!).

It is hard for me to create a build so I usually just stick with one someone already made.