DW Warpfire Sorcerer

Hi guys,

this is my first forum post and I wanted to share a theoretical build I thought of.

I wanted to build myself a dualwield Sorcerer with 2 Warpfire and 4 parts of the Ulzuins Set. As main Dmg i wanted to use either Firestrike or Beronath Fury.

With Solaels Witchblade, Viper, the 2 Warpfire, the Ulzuins Headpiece and
Olexras I achieve an insane amount of resistant reducing for fire resistance.

As devotion Procs I wanted to use Flame torrent, Fissure, Eldritch Fire, Wayward Soul and Elemental Seeker.

Sadly i cant share my grimtools link with u guys since this is my first post
I hope for some responses and thoughts on this build.
(Sorry for my bad english im no native speaker.)

And since the 2 Warpfire grant 90% cold to fire olexras becomes a big trash clearer

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Like this? This is just a possible take of mine, im sure you can come up with better and differently.


Attack speed is the biggest problem in this followed by tankiness imo.

I will check it later on and post my grim tools somehow. My phone doesnt load grim tools.

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this ist my build. It is ofc far from beeing optimal. I just used gear I have or I’m able to craft