DX11 how to...

How can you tell if your game is using the updated engine DX11? I don’t see anything in options and I’m curious if my comp defaulted to it or not after update.

I was also wondering about this, as I see no difference before/after.

same here :slight_smile:

If on steam, just make sure /d3d9 is added as a command line option in the properties and it will be dx9.

On Linux through wine dx11 makes the riftgates invisible and the ground overexposed (among other artifacts), but that probably doesn’t help!

Its Dx11 by default if you GPU and system supports it.
Also it can be subtle and difficult to see for you but game looks overall ‘better’ on Dx11. At last on my old as fuck rig. :wink:
Or maybe its because far better performance and now i can play with AAx2… idk.

My system supports it and I was just wondering because the game runs much smoother for me without any graphical issues and I’ve always had everything maxed for vid settings…it’s great to see it upgraded to 11.