East Marsh

So, today I was completing act 2 and came back to east marsh with the dinamyte to acccess this area. After getting the Shrine, the Fang of the Bonehunter for the with in the prison, and the muddy note, I noticed in my way out some land, and as I got closer, I could hear sounds of foes wondering the area and what I believe is either aether ground or crystals.
How do I access that area?


There’s a path hidden under a bridge near Burrwitch Estates, go inside a house where a crazy man stays, and out the back and down a ramp you go, a cave awaits you.

  1. Devil’s Crossing. Go outside to the east (first act), follow the eastern part of the map about a screen or three until you come to a house with a ramp on its right side. Follow the ramp and you’ll find a dynamite spot. Go inside, kill the boss and get the runestone.
  2. Broken Hills. Go to the south-western part of the map (straight west of Steps of Torment, or straight south of Lutra). There’s a small path to on the northern side that opens up when you get there with the first runestone. Kill the boss, get the next runestone.
  3. Asterkarn Road. Go north up on the ramparts. Once they end, the entrance is just below the stairs (you actually go east and cross under the ramparts once you enter the secret area). Again, kill boss and get runestone.
  4. East Marsh. Mid-north part of the map, huge boulder. Opens up once you have all 3 runestones.

Go to the-maphack.com to see the exact spots.

Thank you!
Got the first 2 runes. I need to move on with main quest for the next rune.

This is the same quest as mention above right?

Thanks to both of you!

No. I think you are talking about Hallowed Hill.
The quest with runes is The Hidden Path.

And Hallowed Hill should be the area that I was originally asking for?

Found it!

Yes, I guess.

If you want more info about the full map of the game and don’t care about spoilers, you can check this link.

I just finished the quest that Vindhjaerta suggested, thanks!

And by no means I threatened the Attendant.