Editing an existing mod


So this questions must be very outdated but i downloaded dawn of masteries mod and I wanna make a few changes in it for my own enjoyment.
I tried a couple of things but nothing seems to work, like:
1 - Create a mod in the asset manager;
2 - Extract the dom.arz with Archive tool and paste its database over my own mod;
3 - The changes I made were in the playerlevels.dbr file, wich I had to import;
4 - Build the mod - In these step I already get a bunch of template not found errors;
5 - Change the name of my_mod.arz to dom.arz and paste it over the original.

It is obviously not working but I don’t have a leak of idea about what I’m missing, and the information I found researching about it is just so confusing.

Does anyone know a guide or tutorial about it? Or maybe a good soul who wants to guide me through this proccess… =D

  • I think that you do need those templates and there’s no way around it (someone please correct me if I’m wrong)

  • btw you can also unpack a mod with AssetManager just like you unpack game files

  • fyi there’s a way to run a 2nd mod on top of the 1st mod if you don’t feel like editing a mod, I described this method here
    2 mods its possible? - #3 by tqFan Maybe this could be useful for you. Obviously a trick / workaround not a general solution.

Grim Dawn\mods\DoM\database\templates.arc

You may need to unpack the unique template of DoM to Grim Dawn\database\templates\

PS. Unfortunately, the DoM 1.30a package no longer provides templates.arc, It can be found in its old version.