Editing Eye of Reckoning Visual AoE

Hey guys, I’m a pretty new modder of Grim Dawn, as in I only know how to use Asset Manager to edit numeric values of various things such as EoR area of effect. However I can not figure for the life of me how to edit the visual aspect of the skill to make it match the new edited Area value.

I want to make the circle/spinning orange thingy around the character wider so it matches the area value.

I edited the numeric value of the skill, and I know it is working in game but the visual aspect is not matching. Any help?

The fx does not dynamically change to match the data. You need to edit the fx or make new fx with pseditor.

Yeah I imagined it would be something like that. Thanks :). I read the guide on the forum for the PSEditor and got some basic knowledge on it but couldn’t find which file to edit for EoR. Would you happen to know which it is?