Editing Items With DBEditor

I just wanted to try dbeditor by editing a few items in simple ways like giving movement speed, increasing stats etc.

I have followed the tutorial given by Kathanious in here: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?p=385280

But my problem is different, what i’m trying to do is just editing an existing item.
Let’s say i have molten boots and i wanted to give them +%10 attack speed.
I know how to do is in DBeditor, what i don’t know or can’t figure out is how you put this edit in the database. The reason i want to do this without creating a new mod is i am using DAIL currently and if i create a new mod just for the edited items it means i have to sacrifice DAIL, which is something i wouldn’t like.
Since i extracted database.arz with asset manager to be able to edit this item’s stat, i am assuming now i have to get the edited file back to database.arz so the game can read it(not sure just guessing feel free to correct me)BUT HOW ???
Thanks for the answers in advance.