Editing Shrines

Hi there!

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction when it comes to editing shrines?
What I want to achieve is to change all shrines to combat ones. Also, are there any possibilities on editing variables on amount of spawns/type of spawns that are bound to shrines?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Have a look in records/interactive.
devotionshrinea01.dbr is a restoration shrine
devotionshrinea02.dbr is a combat shrine, so if you compare them, you’ll find the differences.
In my opinion, it’s all self explanatory.

Thanks a lot! I found them!

But there are also lots of other devotionshrinea03, then a few with “b”, “c” etcetera. Any clue what those are?
Should I ignore them and just focus on devotionshrinea02 ?

It’s all shrines in game, so if you want all of them as combat, maybe you should check all.:wink:

As for rewards and monster spawn, in StaticShrineConfig/Requirements/monster spawn you can set proxies(spawn tables), StaticShrineConfig/Awards containes loot tables for all difficalty lvls.

They’re just the other shrines in the game, of which there are 30 (8 Act 1, 7 Act 2, 7 Act 3, 5 Act 4, Mogdrogen Shrine, Dalia Shrine, Witch God Shrine)

Different shrines in different areas a, b, c and d correspond mostly to the 4 acts (one shrine’s letter is off I think)

Now we need the fourth one.

Oh alright - thanks everyone. I didn’t understand the basic structure concept of the files (ie every shrine having its own entry).
Shrine 2 being the first combat shrine needs to be copied to all other entries unless I’m mistaken.

Now just to wrap my head around some of the asset managing basics… :rolleyes: