[Editor] Need Help to change Items Names

Hi! I’m currently trying to figure out how to use the editor and I can’t find any places where it tells me how I could change an item’s name or a monster’s name or anything at all.

Its kinda frustrating when I can’t find a thread or help in the tutorial document about it. Anyone can help?

Attachment: editname.jpg

Going to do this in one lazy-man’s screengrab:

Follow the modding guide to get the game files extracted.

Navigate to the folder in the database tab with the monster (as shown) or item.

Edit the record for the monster (I choose Warden, first form) and go to Actor Variable and find the tagBossTheWarden01 string, that is the name of the boss, but not as displayed in game. Due to translations, the string is just a tag and that tag gets translated based on the contents of resources/text_en/tags_creatures.txt, which can be edited with a text editor and everything after the = sign is what is actually displayed in game.

Best practice would be to create a new text file and change the tag in the dbr to tagMYMODBossTheWarden01, and then put “tagMYMODBossTheWarden01=Whatever you want” (without quotes) in a new text file called resources/text_en/MYOD_tags.txt.

So for this simple mod, you need 1 dbr with 1 changed field and 1 text file with 1 tag. Be sure to check in the sources tab in AM to rick-click “Auto-create asset” for your tag file before building the mod.

Also, be sure to create all folders/subfolders so that your replacement dbr has the exact same path as vanilla and therefore overrides the default record and will then have your new tag and its corresponding string in the modded custom game.

Thank you! It wasn’t quite what you,ve said but it putted me on the good path and I eventually ended up by making it work! :slight_smile:

Thanks again!