Effective Blood of Cthon farm spots guide

So after spending 30 hrs farming Cthonians continously in numerous places I have reached a conclusion
BoC is a very very bad place to farm and consumes lots of time and a fking SKey but doesnt have good drop rates (u always get Stonewrought Groundbreakers or Zolhan Breastplate which r only usefull for soldier). A very annoying place to navigate and very unforgiving (fk that death room) espcially for weak chars.
Darkvale gate 1 super boss but he revives (waste a few secs waiting for that), about 5-6 heroes but very long way to boss room .I generally do not recommend this place cuz the heroes always spawns faraway corners that isnt on the way to the boss room
DS 1 super boss but he doesnt drop jackass and 5-6 heroes ,average travel time and 1 transcendant chest BUT it rarely drops anything nice. Decent place to farm for weak chars and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Village of Darkvale no just no. This place is very annoying to navigate and have shitty drops. Not worth.
Tomb of Korvaak A decent place to farm for Undead rep. 1 super undead boss and a few bosses along the way. Nice if u lacks undead rep and Sharanatu (requires Kymon faction) is a decent boss (not too hard and have good drop rate).
Now an unorthodox place I have found is the Ashen Waste 2 super bosses (very strong ones so u better watch out) 6-10 bosses and 1 treasure trove HOWEVER there are lots of Defilers + Harbringers around so be careful. Not recommended unless u got nice gears or some insane builds. Bolvar has an exceptionally high drop rate for Blood. For this spot u will need to portal to Sorrow Bastion then walk up to the big tree and kill all mobs on the way (including order/kymon mobs). At the tree u will find Bolvar the blood binder u kill him then run around look for the portal (usually to the left) u go inside and kill everything. 1 trip usually takes 15 minutes and always guarrantee a pink drop from the trove.

So in conclusion
DS is recommended for weak chars that is trying to get blood for relics
Ashen Waste is good for gear farmers that r geared properly but not recommended cuz it’s very risky especially for liberals/feminists .If u die while farming this place do not blame me Im not responsible
Tomb of Korvaak a nice place to farm for skeleton key .1 undead super boss and 1 Cthon super boss. Lots of ghouls and some ghosts along with cultists + Sharanatu makes this place ideal for Skeleton Key farmers. A very decent place indeed.

Crucible, farm central extrordinaire

DS is recommended for weak chars that is trying to get blood for relics

What’s DS?

Overall I’m usually Blood Grove -> Ashen Waste -> Village of Dark Vale -> Dark Vale gate till I kill the Unraveller. But it’s more of a Sigil farming run. If I want reagents quickly I would farm Treasure Troves above anything else.

Except that completing Aspirant would require a character that feels okay on Ultimate, and for Challenger you need a character that could kill ultimate nemesises.

Depraved Sanctuary.

Ah right. Haven’t been there in a while.

I just run crucible and blow up all the legendaries I get that I already have. Between that and running Immolation/Cronley for dynamite I have more materials than I know what to do with.

Thanks for the info I have to try to farm a few of them But I don’t get it - got to be a die hard conservative/chauvinist to make it through the Ashen waste? (Which to me was a blast to farm with my Warder)

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For anyone who wonders where to find Bolvar here is a pic of his location

The portal to the Ashen Wastes is near him look to the left 1st then right and finally the cultist camps below (if u didnt find it reload). Remember to pick up the altar on the way too
The great maw and the trove is to the left of the Ashen Wastes but I recommended killing everything.

Not everyone can deal with wave 150 Gladiator… I have problems with the Loghorean lol. There is no way I can survive the Crudible and many prolly wont

You just need wave 50 aspirant to get something like blood/heart/brain, I have not stopped at 20,30,40 maybe you can even get it faster

You turn heart/brain into blood via nercopolis guy

0-50 Aspirant takes 20-30 minutes. I can rush a Treasure Trove in like 3-4 minutes.

For people struggling to make relics, keys, get gear Crucible gives compontents, iron, MI,dynamites and rare mats along with gear, the complete package OP mentioned in the conclusion while having no cost

You also level up and get devotions faster

Treasure troves + Blowing up stuff to get mats is fast & is the cherry on top

For Blood of Ch’thon I usually farm the Blood Grove, the ch’thonic rift there, Darkvale Village and Darkvale Gate.

4 bosses in total, with 2 Treasure Troves + what ever Ch’thonic heroes end up spawning. Usually 1 BoC minimum, average is 2.

Otherwise, The Tomb of the Watchers is pretty good, especially if you can handle loggy-kins easily as the two chests in the room have BoC’s (and legendaries) in their loot tables.

I disagree about BoC. If you only farm the first floor, the entire run takes 2-3 minutes and yet you are almost guaranteed a rare mat from the treasure trove that always spawns there (at least, it’s around 90% in Ultimate). Brains and Hearts can be converted to Blood very easily at the smith in the Necropolis.

Dynamite can be a pain, but a few runs through Cronley’s Hideout will stock that up, or you can always craft it with all the money you get from the troves.

I’d argue that spending your time on Crucible when you only need components for relics counts as having no cost.
I levelled a few crahacters in Crucible till 35-40 levels, and they end up with 1-2 of each component (hearts bloods brains). Good luck farming 20+ components to craft a high end relic.

You’re wrong on crucible being good for exp as well.

You have been putting your own words as my argument, Lets put it to rest

There is only 1 super boss in the 1st floor mate… Do a test run to the Ashen Wastes and compare the result. The entrance to BoC is quite far from the portal too and the density of mobs on the route is not much… same for the 1st floor, not nearly as much mobs as the Ashen Wastes. It’s good if u only go for the trove though but for gear farmers not so much :))

P.S If u wanna farm troves go to the Mountain Deeps very fast route only 3 spawn points why bother go to the Bastion? Besides this is a Blood of Cthon farm thread isnt it?

I started gathering data on the loot from BoC, and I found it very lucrative. While I never managed to finish it, I found I had a legendary drop rate comparable to that of my other farming runs, and I found I obtained Bloods very frequently - obviously the trove contributed (a valid place to obtain bloods reliably), as well as a reasonably high hero density (with runs having anywhere from 2 to 5 heroes), as well as the aforementioned boss. Each run averaged around 3 minutes - again, that’s not bad at all.

Overall I did 55 runs before I gave up, but in those 55 runs I got 63 rare materials (not counting Eyes). Since you want Bloods, lets say I convert all of those materials that aren’t bloods into bloods. So, 63 Bloods in 55 runs, each run taking slightly less than 3 minutes equates to 2.6 minutes per rare mat.

So as you can see, that’s not half bad. If you could do a few runs into Ashen Waste and tell me your results, I’d be more likely to concede, but until then, my #1 farming spot will be BoC.