eisprinzessin, the Minister of Information?

I have begun to exhibit strange new abilities after evil medierra exposed me to the warp last Friday. These unnatural powers are feared by grobles but give many new hope of launching a resistance to fight the chaos on these forums and recover what’s left of former knowledge. :smiley:

Thought I should reintroduce myself. So, I’m basically out to fill Game Info and Features with content. Forum moderation is new to me. While I have the same access level as the existing mods, you will better off, if you contact the seasoned personnel … for the time being. That way I can also compile stuff quicker for you. :wink:

For those who wonder if (hope?) I’m not male, please read just killing time and my [post=15875]Forum Name Explanation[/post].

Welcome, once again eisprinzessin, master of the search function! They probably could not have picked a better person to undertake the task at hand :wink:

Congratulations eisprinzessin! I’d say you’ve truly earned your newfound powers :smiley:

Awesome stuff, eisprinzessin! Just finished reading your story write up-excellent work! By the way, I read it while sipping orange pekoe :slight_smile:

As I wrote you in the PM, you are doing unbelievable amount of fantastic work here!

Thank you! =)

orange pekoe FTW :wink:

well deserved indeed


once you learn the mod controls, its not that hard;)

Congratulations Eisprinzessin, a well deserved placed for you :wink:

Long live the MoI!

It’s only natural that the forum-wizard get’s this spot.
Congratulations, again.^^

Welcome to the club, tainted one!

I’ve taken up again my work on the Game Info and Features section and am looking forward to add more articles about all the uncovered topics.

The KS madness and the overall increased activity here on the forums completely ruined my routine. :smiley: I only managed to squeeze in two articles since the KS launch - way to little for more than two months. Now that the storm has subsided, it looks as if more regular updates are doable again.