Eldritch Essence drops

Now maybe I am lost and need a little guidance, but I know of only 2 ways to get eldritch essence’s. 1 is one shot chests and the other is quests. Now I have had them drop from a nemesis, but otherwise they seem harder to get than legendary items. If they drop elsewhere than please tell me but needing 10 to make an item is only going to happen if I make a new hero and play though the quests again. Only solution I could have to this is maybe in those chests scattered around the forgotten gods area, or increase the rate they drop from mobs or bosses… I have more chance of getting blood of ch’thon than I do Eldritch essences. For that matter the celestial lotuses are also a tough find but at least they drop from the nemesis, pain but at least they drop. If there are easier ways of getting these please tell me but if not increasing the drop rate would be awesome! Thank you for reading and making a great game! Worth every cent this game!

There’s a route in here for farming them

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