[Electrocution Caster] Allagast's Stun Cocktail - Storm Box Purifier

You amuse me Demi-God.
Be it known for all your hubris you’re nothing but a filthy ascendant. A lowly being with a delusion for the grandeur

A single Rylok is enough to smite thee and reduce your pitiful realm into oblivion

Can you let me know what are the excatly your offhand, pant, and boot?
It’s okay if they are not BiS, pls let me know

I’d had put it to the test, but your Ryloks run away and hide from me every time I decide to have a picnic somewhere at the edge of the void. Is this really the best they can do? :cool:

nice concept as usual, +1 for using grenado !! :cool:


I love the idea of this build, especially since lately there seems to be only melee/cadence builds being posted. I was curious in what setup do you think it could work in crucible and how far one could push with that? In opener post you mention getting Inq seal which i found to be really good while playing tactician but I have no clue what I’d have to drop to grab it.

Thanks for your awesome builds :slight_smile:

I looked at the build, and it hit me, you use chosen storm seal and not mythical quickening gem?
Only difference I see is that storm seal has some increased electrocute duration.
Quickening gem have more skills, cast speed, resists, and damage - however if you are mostly scaling electrocute I see why.

Other than that, looks like a well rounded build, I like the detail that you max last modifier of grenado for internal trauma which gets 80% dmg as electrocute instead :slight_smile:



More changes might/might not be needed, I can’t say anything for certain w/o testing stuff myself

Yes, you side with the heathens for their Electrocute Duration

This build is working well for me into ultimate without much in the way of BIS gear. It’s a major step up from my duel wield purifier that’s for sure.

One thing I cant figure out is the devotion order. Could you post this for me please as I can’t see how you got all those devotions. I know I’m missing something…!

Well that’s good to hear, DoTs generally are a little friendly

Post your current devotion through grimtools and let me know how many devotion points you have unlocked.

Thanks Chthon, here’s my character in Grimtools: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/62az9GkV

I’ve only unlocked 44 devotion points at the moment. Basically I added in Quill to get the requirements, and cant see how to spec out of it!

keep the good builds rolling:cool:

Other constellations are dependent on Quill so you can’t remove points from it unless you meet the minimum affinity requirement for other constellations
I suggest you rush the extra devotion points to give yourself more flexibility in shifting points