[Electrocution Caster] Allagast's Stun Cocktail - Storm Box Purifier

Burn and Frostburn builds have been popular since vanilla days. Electrocution not so much. I tried and failed multiple times. This time I managed to achieve some sort of success thanks to the support added in AoM.

Key Points-

1. Gearing -

You need 4 pieces of gear to make this work
-Mythical Wyrmbone Mask for strengthening the DoT potential of Stun Jacks
-Mythical Wyrmbone Handguards for strengthening the DoT potential of BWC

  • Chosen Storm Seal for the improved duration
  • Any off hand (MI or otherwise) with “Of Torrents Suffix”, if you can’t find it then use any +all skills off hand and use Ultos Chestpiece (BiS setup uses both Ultos and “Of Torrents” Offhand)

The rest of the items are flexible, although I’d say Allagast + Ultos Chest seems to be BiS

Relic is something I am having trouble deciding. Pyroclasm seem to be superior since most of my skills come from Demo line those +skills would be useful there.
But the problem that arises is that w/o that RR I loose potency of Electrocute ticks

2. Direct Nukers-

One of the main source of damage of this build is direct lightning damage through Stun Jacks and Grenado. While they’re strong sources of DoT damage they’re equally potent in direct damage department

3. Inquisitor Seal-

I like this skill but considering the playstyle of this build and how rarely I find it useful for this particular build I had no choice but to drop Seal. If you intend to try to crucible I’d still recommend you take seal but for vanilla you can manage w/o it (even against squidboi)

4. Faction Choice-

It’s pretty evident that Kymon’s Chosen are nothing but delusional fucks so siding them might be distasteful to some of you. So I’d recommend farming their rep to unlock the ring before Ultimate so that on Ultimate you can side with Order of the Death’s Vigil
And if you come across any other faction choice where you’re given the option to either kill them or side with them. Side with them regardless of how terrible they seem


BiS Setup - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MEdp02

I am missing only Pants and am using Vanilla GD MIs. Off hand is also Vanilla GD version but affixes are same
The Chestpiece is defensively superior to Allagast Chest Piece and adds % Duration bonus to our main damage type.

You can also go with Elementalist for Electrocution, the elementalist setup is just a theorycrafted setup for now - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV7w1qvV

In Closing-

If you want then go with Elementalist and Vindicator using the same concept. They both should work well

This build is a DoT build it has decent QoL because of that but it takes a while to learn how to play this and managing individual cooldowns. After that everything’s a cakewalk

I had a lot of fun with this build and hope you guys enjoy it as well


Reserved for future

I would suggest the location desolate wastes

seeing the destroyed chathedral (or what it is) in the background

otherwise lone watch has some really good surroundings :slight_smile:

An interesting looking build. I know you said you’d explain everything later when the write up comes, but I still must ask - why the weapon component choices? The fire and aether ones seem like an odd choice, considering your main source of damage is lightning?

Maybe I’m just being impatient and it’s all part of the master plan…

Oh, it is was one of my ideas postponed for later.
How good is Elgoloths’s storm box in terms of late game?

Nice build Chthon, btw have you tried Aura of Censure.
Will it get more damage from more Elemental RR ? :smiley:

Grenado and Ulzuin’s Chosen? The one before you tried that too…

Its actually really respectable end game need something else for bosses but clears mobs in decent time

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Nice build idea, Chthon, as always. The only problem is strong lacking of skill points…

Umm, do you mean where the rift to Void’s Edge is located? Or do you mean the altar where we get Mythical Stormheart?
And for Lone Watch, suggested time of the day?

One component gives me extra crit damage and the other component gives % OA

It sucks imo, but Lightning Tether modifier is really strong. The thing about Lightning Tether is it doesn’t seem to show up in damage breakdown or DPS sheet

The OA and % Electrocute Bonus are why I picked Conviction. Elemental RR seems to be plenty since even Aetherbolt Amulet is granting me more RR and so is the relic
I’d say it might help improve the potency of ticks but the problem is I need to stand in a certain range of my enemy for it to work that well. Also the loss of physical resistance and OA by not picking Conviction can be felt badly

Regardless of how many mortals you shall best you’re still nothing compared to a Primordial
You will rue the day when all the blood shall return to its rightful owner

More like strong lacking of plus skills

Good to see Electrocution already getting so much love :stuck_out_tongue: Nice build as always.

Build looks intense and lack of skill points definitely show itself.
I think after seeing how much single target damage Tether deals you decided you dont even need SBoE lol.

I have been playing around with Allagast and wanted to make a build with it but it is one of the most underwhelming sets there is.
No proc, has horrible resistances, barely any skill bonuses and also set completion bonuses are really weak.

I hope Crate buffs some weak sets like Allagast, Spellscourge and maybe Dark One in the upcoming patch.

Dark one is a weak set? :confused: I think you’ve lost your mind sir

Cthon how high are your dots on this build?

Uh, all I’ve been reading and hearing is how the Dark One set is actually kind of overpowered.

Spellscourge is weird.

Allagast is strong in resistance department but a few extra procs are welcome.
The set is tailored around Aether based Storm Box meant to be built similarly to Multi-Meteor Sorcerer
I can see if someone doesn’t like to play that way

Dark One looks fine to me (it’s pretty strong), that granted skill on completion bonus is the best troll skill in the game though

And the build lacks plus skills I concur and yes I didn’t bother maxing Storm Box due to the abysmal damage it deals :smiley:

Thank you

They’re fine, they’re consistent enough to stay in the range of 140k-150k and can go as high as 190k. It’s still not as high as other electrocute focused builds imo. I think I can get more out of a Vindicator/Elementalist

i like these locations the most, maybe its just me :stuck_out_tongue:

Please let me know your current gear
Without BiS Setup you can cap all resistances
Must be good vanilla greens

You don’t quite understand, just because they’re good doesn’t mean they’re BiS.

I also have the added advantage of Bella Fald/Etram Fald crafting stuff for me. Some equipment that she can’t craft (jewellery) due to some bug is covered by Etram.

With 4-5 people working on farming stuff for Bella Fald you can pretty much guess how efficient she is for crafting stuff.

We have a winner

Thank you for this, this location is perfect

We’ll see about that, fossil. :furious:

Where’s “add foe” in this slith hole of a realm? :mad:

I give your build 4 out of 10000. All of your meddling with mortal’s devices only amounted to this? Might had as well prayed to Ultos to zap your enemies instead.