Elemental Balance Mageslayer build (looking for tips)

Hello guys, I’m planning to do an Infiltrator with Myth Nex and Ortus, Mageslayer set and Elemental Balance rings, link is bellow. Would like to know what can I improve or if I did some mistake on the build. Thanks for your help.


Grim Dawn forum is the best.

Firstly making a separate thread wasn’t needed. You could’ve asked for advice on your previous Nex v Ortus thread

Secondly, any particular reason you want to pick Infiltrator?
I didn’t give it a hard look so even my setup could use a lot of improvements

-ABB doesn’t work with Dualwield
-Blade Trap doesn’t work on bosses
-You don’t have any auto-attacker
-Dual-wield nightblade melee w/o execution is never recommended

I didn’t touch devotions but TD doesn’t serve any purpose here

But Dualwield works when ABB in cd :slight_smile:

Still no reason to put more than 1 point into it :wink:
Also he didn’t have any NB WPS picked so even “filler” damage wouldn’t be upto the mark

Thanks. I’m learning mechanic and those details yet, so that helps a lot. I just would like to know what do you mean with an “auto-attacker”.

The correct devotion tree is here https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYekPJN

Well, DW and cold damage for Nightblade, and I choosed inquisitor because of the bonus of elemental damage, aether and chaos resistance, OA and Crit damage bonuses, most for that. Do you think Demolinist do better using Nex/Ortus with Elemental balance rings?

Why exactly Dualblades do not work with ABB? The former is just a passive buff with flat and percent damage bonuses, the latter is an active skill with %weapon damage.

Another thing I’m seeing on the foruns, is the overcap. If I would do Crucible, do you suggest all overcap or I can keep focus on elemental and Aether? There’s some thread I could read for get more informed about Crucible or building guide?

ABB only hits with off hand when using DW melee. So investing more than 1 point into it on a DW melee build feels like a waste to me

I never said anything about Dual Blades.
Dual wield =/= Dual Blades

With pistols ABB works with both off hand and main hand