[Elemental Caster] Arcane Destroyer - Elemental based Cataclysm Vindicator

So I figured this set could use an alternate version for the sake of build diversity besides theone posted by Fluff. So here’s my take on this set.


Vindicator - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2m9Wo02

*Screenshot with Deadly Aim, Word of Renewal, Mogdrogen’s Pact and Aegis.


OA seems low, can you even crit things with this?

OA is low. Which is where the DA shred from Rune of Hagarrad helps us. Combine that with Deadly Aim and we’re good

Why no Wendigo Totem?

Wendigo Totem’s Summon limit of 1 makes it very bad for kiting builds such as this.

How good is this build in the crucible?

I am not the best player when it comes down to piloting non-DoT or non CDR builds in Crucible so I think a better pilot should get somewhat better results than myself

Here’s the basic rundown -

  1. Crucbile 0-150 No Buffs/No Banners is easy. This makes it good for tribute farming

  2. Crucible 150-170 4 buffs/No Banners is the way to go for this build. I can squeeze in two crucible runs with the buffs I have. But mostly it is 1.5 waves. Wave 150-160 is easy but 160+ is a different story and its speed depends on how many Reapers decide to show up.

What are Touch of Purity and Aegis doing here?

Aegis should have a DA completion bonus. Its DA and Heal/Armor proc are valuable, combine that with Touch of Purity’s heal and you won’t feel the need for Wendigo Totem at all.

Is Storm Totem usable here?

Sure, it’s an extra click for me but if you can pilot it then go for it. But the damage it contributes would be minimal at best.

Why is Time Dilation here?

Time Dilation is there to reset my Heals and because its an extremely defensive constellation with CC resists and DA. Also it has spirit allowing us more points to be invested into physique.

Did you test Light’s Defender pieces?

Clairvoyant has 6-7% CDR and Chestguard of Justice has more DA. These two factors alone are enough to make the current setup better than Light’s Defender pieces.

Is the Arcane Cataclysm Set good?

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know. It looks cool that’s what matters to me to be honest :rolleyes:
I am mainly posting this for the sake of build diversity. The idea is to post a non-Arcanist caster around the set cause Arcanist makes things too easy.

Any alternate devotion setup that doesn’t use TD?

While I haven’t tested any such devotion setups on this particular build. I can recommend Blind Sage + Whirlpool + Ulzuin’s Torch OR Ultos + Ulzuin’s Torch. Both are pretty solid for Elemental Builds. I never tested them in the crucible though.

Crucible enemies to watch out for -

Non Nemesis waves are easy for the build and even nemesis waves can be child’s play if luck is on your side but if its not and one of these asshats show up then you might want to be a little cautious when dealing with them.

1. Rashalga, the Mad Queen -

For those who aren’t familiar with her mechanics, her aura retaliates projectiles upon coming in contact with projectiles. Unfortunately we have too many of those so her aura procs like crazy. Kite her by using the environment (pillars, blockings etc) to your advantage.

2. Iron Maiden -

Probably the only guy on the forum who finds her hard cause of her tendency to stick to you like a magnet. Most people would tell you to dispatch of her quickly, my recommendation is to take out bigger fish like Reaper of the Lost and Kubacabra before her

3. Kubacabra the Endless Menace -

This guy’s healing pools heal your enemies. That’s the only reason why you should prioritize him.

4. Reaper of the Lost -

The strongest enemy in the game. 2x Reaper means your chances of completing the wave are close to zero since chances are he has someone like Iron Maiden or Valdaran to give him company. Toughest enemy for the build. A single Reaper can be shredded with some careful planning. 2x is hard, plain and simple.
He has a charge attack so try your best to make sure he doesn’t swing at you more than once. This is much harder when two of them are trying to murder you. This guy is the only one who to make you run around like a headless chicken. If you kill him and then you’re good and can only be killed by your won stupidity.

5. Valdaran the Storm Scourge -

Harmless when he shows up in 0-150 even without buffs and banners. A real pain when he decides to show his face 150+ and lastly he can be a death sentence should he show up at wave 170 with 2 Reapers sodomizing you.

6. Enemies who have more than one form -

Karroz the Sigil of Chthon, Iggor the Eternal, Theodin Marcell the Master of Flesh.
These enemies show up right before some key wave. They seem harmless but I suggest that you make sure to kill them ASAP. If you kill them right towards the end of the wave, their second form shows up in the next wave adding to the difficulty of it. The last thing you want is for Theodin Marcell to team up with 2 Reapers

In Closing-

Firstly big shoutout to Superfluff for inspiring me to attempt a build around this set and for encouraging me to post this. Check his build around The Cataclysm Set here.

This is a fun build even I kinda did enjoy it despite it being a crucible build. Mainly because of the sheer amount of procs it uses. Hope you guys enjoy it as well.



Noice:D And good DA. You need Aegis? Ignaffar has DA too and good dmg. Don’t get me wrong, i love aegis, it’s such a good placeholder relic

Just for fun. I’d love to see 2-3 players with Cataclysm+personal variations doing Crucible. Should be a a nice show

Ignaffar relic = me dead

I think if I did more buff based tests then Ignaffar might work but I am not going to bother with that. I wish buffs had infinite time limit for lazy folks like me :stuck_out_tongue:
Aegis isn’t there just for the DA but also for the heal and the armor.

Anyway I gotta go. See you guys after 1-2 weeks
Any queries related to the build will be answered later. And no videos (sorry)
Compendium stuff will be done after my return as well
Thank you, ciao

Yeah. The class combo only has one portable heal.

Edit: Also good luck on your trip. Gonna be weird 2 weeks without your posts :slight_smile:

Abit off topic…

Im running a simular build skillwise but without the set you build around. My build can clear gladiator 150 but beyond that point I have troubles…any ideas how I can improve survivability without loosing too much RR and dps?

Link https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZorp9lV

Chthon? Posting a build made for crucible? That’s new. It’s kind of a good ‘gift’ (what’s a better word here?) while you’re gone. Have fun on your trip!

Tis was just a week :smiley:

Your DA is too low for 150+
You also have less heals than I do.

I guess the best you can do is get Rune of Kalastor instead of Storm Totem, get a better scepter, use Avenger relic and get Cord of Deception


Welcome back?

Thank you :smiley:

Added a Crucible 170 version of the build made by Zhuugus.

A small update