Elemental conversion (questions)

I understand the basic principles of Elemental Damage (fire, light, cold), but I’m a bit uncertain when it comes to elemental conversions.

As an example, I use Arcanor on my character. Arcanor converts all physical to elemental (blastwave).

  1. Is there a difference in the damage if I equip a ring with 100 elemental damage, or if I equip a ring with 100 fire/ice/lightning? I would imagine that the damage on Forcewave would be the same.

  2. What if I equip a ring with 100 elemental damage, or If I equip a ring with 300 fire damage? While fire falls under elemental damage, how does it scale with Arcanors Blastwave?

  3. If I put 22/12 skill points into Star Pact, I convert 60% aether damage into cold damage. Now cold damage would also fall under elemental damage. Would this 60% aether to cold damage conversion scale with Arcanors Blastwave?

  4. Would it be more beneficial to stick with elemental damage, or should I go for individual elements?

“X elemental damage” is just short for “X/3 fire + X/3 cold + X/3 lightning.” But I think you are confusing “X damage” with “+X% damage.” These are two completely different stats.

“X damage” is called flat damage and adds to your weapon damage stat. Weapon damage is dealt by weapon attacks and skills that use weapon damage.

“+X% damage” adds to your global % damage modifiers. These modifiers multiply all damage you deal of a given type. “+X% elemental” adds X% to all 3 elements. So 100% elemental adds 100% fire, 100% cold and 100% lightning.

Check the second page of character sheet under “Physical” and “Magical” for the list of all your global % modifiers.

You never get 100 flat damage from a ring. Are you sure you’re not talking about “+100% damage” with the “%” (percent)?

Then you either have 33 fire, 33 cold and 33 lightning from one or 300 fire from the other. Unless, again, you’re talking about %dmg. Then you either have 100% fire, 100% cold and 100% lightning from one and 300% fire, 0% cold and 0% lightning from the other.

Then 60% of all your aether flat damage will be dealt as cold though Forcewave’s 240% weapon damage.

That depends on the build. But in general it’s much more difficult to make a good tri-elemental build, and single element builds are generally stronger.

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Thank you for the answers, I was talking about %.

I’ve been having issues coming up with a tri-elemental damage build for Arcanor, as it seems that most devotions/gear focus on one or two elementals. It seems that a fire blastwave justicar build is both less complicated and stronger than an elemental blastwave arcanor build.

Quick question @ya1

If I use Iskandras Chest + Shoulders for 60% Aether to Elemental conversion, and 22/12 star pact for 60% Aether to cold conversion, would that convert all (additive) Aether into Elemental/Cold?

If total conversion exceeds 100% then it gets squared down. If it’s exactly 60% to cold and 60% to elemental it becomes 50/50. If it was 100% to cold and 50% to elemental it would become 75/25. But yeah, if it’s 100% or more then all of your aether gets converted, just the proportions differ.

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Thank you.

Would using Sigil of the Bear King (100% piercing -> physical) be counter productive to Arcanor? Would that turn 50% of the pierce damage into Physical and 50% into Elemental?

Yeah, it would go 50/50.

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I have a question, I thought you might have the answer @ya1 but it’s not actually about conversion. I’ll have to explain it by giving an example. Let’s get hypothetical and imagine a Saboteur that uses cold and fire damage combination, has also very little lightning damage. And let’s say the % multiplier of build like this;

%1300 fire
%1200 cold
%600 lightning

Flat damages are irrelevant because we are going to calculate a proc’s damage. Now this build has the Blind Sage devotion and so The Elemental Seeker proc. And build has no lightning to fire or cold conversion.

Now the question is about the elemental damage on the proc, how are we calculating the multiplier here? They’re not even, it’s not %1500 elemental damage bonus, and how much of it’s damage will be lightning? Normally the logical thing is to take the avarage % damage multiplier and multiply the proc’s flat elemental damage because it’s independent from build’s own flat damages but I’m not sure.

PS: I have 800+ hours and I’m aware of that elemental damage splits even, I know %90 or maybe more of the game mechanics but this is kinda a different matter which I couldn’t figure it out by myself. I know mostly elemental builds has no big difference between the cold-fire-lightning damage but let’s pretend this one does. Can anyone enlighten me on this matter?

Or you can imagine the build has this legs instead of elemental seeker and calculate on this proc’s elemental damage without taking account of the %15 weapon damage.

My uneducated guess is that 455 elemental from pants is first split into 152 of fire/cold/lightning and then every element is multiplied seprately by its respective bonus: 152*13 of fire, 152*12 of cold and 152*6 of lightning.

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Reasonable answer, probably true. Thank you for the answer.