Elemental dmg (DoT) > Aether / Chaos

If it’s fire => cold conversion, then burn dmg will also convert to frostburn dmg.
What about Elemental dmg => Aether or Chaos dmg? Would the original Elemental DoT dmg remain the same or???

Since Chaos and Aether have no DoT counterpart, the elemental damage will not be converted since there’s nothing to convert to.

No, it will be converted into Aether/Chaos DoT, actually. That’s the only way to deal such a DoT.

There’s a whole topic called “DoT for dummies” right at the top of the classes skills and builds forum: (I don’t know how to link a quote from another thread so I’ll just copy paste it)

“EDIT - Previously, the primer had listed that Aether and Chaos had corresponding DoT types that existed but were unlabeled. This has actually been proven false on page 3 of this thread; I went to consult my original source that had given me the previous information and found out that it was outdated. Aether/Chaos DoTs were a bug that was removed in v. (source: Nine). Many thanks to DenisMashutikov for going out of his way to put up screenshots to prove that this was the case.”

Shout out to Ryzel at this point, who did a awesome job explaining everything you need to know about DoT

So, ATM you can no longer convert internal trauma into chaos/aether DoT?

They don’t exist

And probably never will

Pierce also has no DoT counterpart

and Bleed is a DoT only damage type with no non-DoT counterpart

There’s no DoT counterpart to Chaos and Aether, so elemental dot will not be converted to aether and chaos since there’s nothing to convert to.

Yeah, already figured that it was fixed in