Elemental melee Cadence report (it's in trouble)

I briefly tested it after Cadence buffs and before Tempest nuke when, for the mere price of having five perfectly rolled Tempest greens and going out of the way to grab Chariot in the devotions (and some Cunning investment on top), it had staggering 2990 OA. It was okay, but clearly lacking punch.
Now it’s obviously worse, because with the same gear OA number is 2796. And the worst thing is that devotion wise and gear wise it’s really hard for that build to grab more OA without big sacrifices to other stats like HP or attack speed.

I think this archetype deserves some love. Here are my suggestions:

- Add 8% OA to Field Command mod to Malakor’s Infusion.

- Add +3 to Deadly Momentum and +40% weapon damage to Cadence to Malakor’s Infusion.

Those buffs might seem a bit crazy at first but in reality it will probably bring the build in-line with like middle of the road melee builds.

P.S. And if somehow it because new Evoker Sabo it can always be adjusted.

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I think it would be a good solution to add extra OA to ele devotion altogether, since Bleeding’s gonna have such a treatment.

with the %OA removal from Tempest, multiple builds suffered, i.e Blazerush (which needs OA the most) - dropped to barely 3800 from 4150. and builds like ele tactician always relied on multiple Tempest to just find some stats.


I would propose adding it to T3 devotions mostly since Hyrian and Crab are already pretty strong and buffing those will buff a lot of single element builds. Like Attack Seru and Sage. Although Attack Seru is already loaded.

it’s pretty ridiculous tbh that builds with a such stat-stacked devo path end up in shambles.

Sage actually had oa added to multiple nodes a couple patches ago. Would be nice on seru, proc is good but the stats you lose getting it are very hard to make up

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