Elemental to Acid conversion Currently ONLY at 60%!?

Even though my search was not exhaustive I have looked for quite sometime and even spent quite a bit of time searching the grimtools database. I’m not very good at figuring out how the advanced search works as each time I tried it did not give me the results I was looking for.
Regardless I have to this point ONLY ever found these 2 pieces that convert elemental to acid!?
Cowl of the Venomblade + Myth & Venomancer’s Raiment + Myth
Am I correct in that these are the ONLY 2 items in the game that possess this conversion? It’s a bit surprising to me that with all the conversion possibilities in the game that this one is so severely lacking. I had come across this 100% conversion thread sometime ago and while I do like the info it contains even if in a horribly designed format. I wonder if it wouldn’t be nice to have a better list of damage conversion items. I know it’s a LOT as there are so many but perhaps I could draft up an idea if I don’t come across another thread like that before I conceptualize it.


That’s what you’re looking for, includes pet stats though. If you want a more depressing story, try the other way around. Acid > Elemental.

The game has so many damage types that it’s honestly hard to include every possible type of conversion. Conversion is great but the game hardly had any back in the early access days. Count your blessings :slight_smile:

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Putrid necklace.

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Acid is kinda strong in general so we want to be careful with conversions :slight_smile:

In this build Acid Winter King’s Might I use different items for 100% conversions.
And this build uses those guns for elemental conversion

The thing is if you’re trying to convert Acid to Elemental you are also fine with Acid to Fire, Cold, Lightning :slight_smile: That is always a benefit of playing Elemental character.

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Thank you all for the replies. Now I have a much better way of searching the database thanks @tqFan! I’ll be using those queries much more often from now before posting. I was just doing a very cursory search for that specific conversion & totally forgot about “temp” conversion on skills like Blood of dreeg & pneumatic burst. I’ll have to be a bit more careful to not neglect those as well, even if they REQUIRE me to select said mastery for said skill…

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