Elemental Turrets in Edge of REality - WTF?

What is with those things?

Are we just supposed to dodge them, or what?

They hit harder than anything not a Nemesis or Boss.

And they are unkillable?

What’s the strat?

They freeze you.

And they follow you.

Run my dude.

Yeah Lokarr ain’t got nothing on those little shitheads

it is literally impossible for my character to engage the mobs whilst avoiding those things and their Frozen Orb Redux which hits like a tank, whilst simultaneously having a high chance of keeping you in stun/freeze lock.

If you don’t intend to farm that place then just apply Moosiluke ointment and call that a day.

Dark One pieces aren’t going to drop themselves. :wink:

I have gotten 3 thus far.

It is always the shoulders, innit? :undecided:

Come on, Mantle! :furious:

Man… I have literally died 50 times in the past two days to those turrets.

The shite is no fun.

Like, zero fun.

Can’t kill them.

Can’t farm due to their freeze lock down.

I’ll just shelve the game until if/when this is fixed.

There are too many good games out there to trifle with trifling bullshit like that dungeon’s design.