Elementalist relic thoughts (help)

Making a mainly pure demo elementalist build

Dual weilding guns is the goal: fire strike all maxed, blackwater cocktail all maxed, thermite mine 5/5, both demo auras are 1/1 for me plus one in blast shield. In shaman side have a 4/4/4 briarthorn pet, five in primal bond, 1/4/1 in the mogdrogen aura.

So question what relic should I go for if I’ll need the mythic dual weilding is yet to be seen so, do I go a plus one to shaman side with pet bonuses to beef up my side kick or use the u? Pyromancer relic?

Ulzuins Pyroclasm.

Hi, to enables the ability to dual wield ranged weapons you can use waist “Empowered Marauder’s Ammo Belt”, pistols “Barrelsmith’s Salvo/Barrelsmith’s Crossfire” also relict “Plunderer’s Talisman”.