Elex now available

Anyone else gonna try this game out?

Looks pretty damn amazing. May pick it up tonight after work.

Seems to be getting mixed reviews, some on steam forums aren’t too happy with the game, VA and combat. I think I will keep an eye on it, but probably won’t pick it up yet.

Being a Piranha Bytes game, the mixed reviews are to be expected.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the Risen games and my bet is that I’ll enjoy ELEX just as much. This is why I pre-ordered it. :slight_smile:

Aaaaaand I refunded it after about 1.8 hours played.

It’s just awful. The combat is <TERRIBLY> clunky and slow. Enemies hit entirely too hard (two hits and you are dead…FIRST enemy you meet on Normal mode.)

Voice acting is god awful. Like literally the worst I have ever heard in any game, ever.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is leaps and bounds better quality than Elex, and I personally rated it a 6.

Avoid this game at all costs.

Well, told you so, you should have listened to me!!!

But thanks for the post, off my wishlist for good.

I will def be picking it up at some point, love all of PB’s games and from what I read (reviews that I respect) it’s one of the best PB game in a while. Only problem is right now I am completely addicted to playing GD:AoM so it’ll have to wait until I finish Ultimate.

Yup, pretty much. These games are a little clunky, but they are also much deeper and have far more reactive worlds than most RPG’s that come out these days. The combat is also something that turns off first time players since they just want to button mash, and these games always start you out really weak so new players get frustrated.

My friend was really hyped about Elex and is now playing it. I guess I should ask him more about it.

i am on the fence. Would appreciate if you could update us with your findings;)

I “tried” it, but my HD 6850 gpu isn’t supported and so got graphically artifacts on the water. I’ll probably still end up buying it though down the track, since I enjoyed Risen despite the hard combat and jankiness, but it’ll have to wait until I have a better video card.

Been watching elex streamed and looks good. hopefully it does better than other games by the same company

Fixed it! :wink:

For now a friend of mine sounds rather content. Asked him why some people dislike the game, he said that it’s mostly two categories of people - graphonium addicts and casuals who expect to be able to kill any enemy asap. Since said friend is a Gothic 3 fan he has no such issues, I guess.

Your friend is greatly oversimplifying and ignoring the most common complaints that are easily seen on the Steam page:

The graphics are very dated. Think 2006 era Nintendo Wii. I can overlook bad graphics for good gameplay and story. This game has neither of those.

The combat is extremely unresponsive and clunky. You have to use stamina to swing a weapon, roll dodge, and drink a potion. One weapon swing takes away half the bar. (A swing that happens only if the enemy is in melee range and after about a split second of pausing).

The very first rat enemies on normal mode hit you once and take away half of your life. Your hits against them take away a tiny sliver of their health bars. You have to preserve stamina to be able to roll and also drink a health potion. You run out of health potions quickly at such a low level. The quest NPCs who follow you rarely intervene to help and simply watch you die, after just telling you to stay close. Running? Hold shift to run…after about 2 seconds of input lag you finally begin dashing. If you have the stamina that is. Which swinging a weapon once takes half the stamina bar away. Drinking a potion takes a third of it (really?? sipping a beverage makes our hero WINDED and tires him out? Unreal…). Dodge rolling takes half of it. Enemies charge you and attack four times as fast as you do. No stamina to drink a potion? You’re dead unless you somehow get away from an enemy…You have to walk around and wait for your stamina bar to very, sloooowly refill while enemies rip into you quickly and efficiently since apparently they don’t have a stamina bar holding them back. If you dodge? There goes more of your stamina bar. You can’t drink that potion again. And if you don’t dodge, you’re dead. On normal mode. I tried it on Easy mode…guess what? I wasn’t able to notice one bit of difference other than enemies had slightly less health.

The voice acting is hands down the worst I have ever heard, in any game, ever, and I say that without exaggeration and conceit. It’s so bad it’s almost comical to the level that that movie “The Room” is with its acting quality. Don’t even get me going on the actual dialogue itself: it sounds like it was written by a German 13 year old, and then translated into broken, inappropriately toned English.

I had this game on follow ever since it first appeared on Steam. The website and artwork on the site are amazing. It’s like they are two completely different games. It’s like the website game is some super HD unreleased version of the game and what we got is a watered down, horrible version released a long time ago they forgot to update. And I hate talking about PC specs, but let’s just say my PC can handle any game currently released, on every maxed ultra setting, with zero framerate drop.

This game, I would say, is worth MAYBE maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe $20 as it is now. Certainly not $49.99. That is a heinous and wildly, grotesquely generous price tag. I don’t know who this studio thinks it is.

The final nail in the coffin for me is the interface. It is a very unresponsive and maddening interface to navigate. It’s some weird crossbreed between Skyrim’s and Mass Effect: Andromeda’s (who’s interface is god awful). Neither of those are working well together.

I don’t see this game ever getting my money unless they completely redo it from the ground up and let’s be real: it ain’t gonna happen. “Oh but they are only a team of like 20 people! They are indie!” Yea? well then don’t charge us AAA price for a C- game.

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So is this one of those games that were released too soon and are unfinished or is it a case of bad design that they consider complete? Wondering if I should leave this on my follow list in case it gets better in a few months. Had it on my wish list since the summer but with these reviews I’m not touching it.

You can alwyas give it a whirl, make up your own mind, as long as you don’t play it longer than 2 hours, you can refund the game on steam if you hate it. which I did. I played about 1.7 or so hours. I would stop just before the 2 hour mark.

Oh I don’t doubt that it’s bad right now, plenty of evidence for that.

Will it get better in the future is what I wonder.

Edit: after reading a few reviews I will wait a couple of weeks. Most problems seem fixable at least.

The game is a fucking masterpiece.

I’ve been longing for Gothic feeling since forever, played all Risen series and replayed recently Gothic 2 with Returning Mod.

I really hope it will be a success.

I hardcore disagree with this, but we all have differing tastes.